How to Communicate with an Alpha Female by Goddess Helly

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in the presence of an Alpha Female, you need to be very careful about the things you say and do, or else you won’t be in Her presence for long. Proper etiquette, particularly as it pertains to language, is of the utmost importance. When communicating with an Alpha Female, be sure to keep these things in mind:

1) Always address Her by Her preferred title. Some women prefer to be called Mistress. Some prefer Goddess. Others may prefer something else such as Miss, Queen, Ma’am, etc. It is your responsibility to know or to learn which title your Domme likes. I prefer to be called Goddess Helly or Mistress Helly, and I expect you to address me as such at all times.

2) Always use complete, clear sentences. Many submissives make the mistake of thinking spelling and grammar are unimportant, but that is certainly not the case. Taking the time and care to construct complete, thoughtful sentences demonstrates to the Alpha Female that you have put the necessary thought and effort into your attempts to communicate with Her. As a result, she will be far more inclined to want to take the time out of Her busy day to respond to you.

3) Do not make demands of an Alpha Female. This one should be self-explanatory. You are in no position to make demands of a superior woman. Polite requests are acceptable (particularly when accompanied by some form of tribute); demands are not.

4) Everything you say and do should reflect your understanding of the Alpha Female’s superiority. This is more of a catch-all, general rule but it is important nonetheless. Your mindset should be that of a true submissive and everything you say to an Alpha Female should demonstrate this attitude. Before sending any communication to a superior woman, take a moment to ensure that your words adequately reflect a submissive tone and demonstrate your understanding that you are, in fact, inferior to Her.

Follow these rules (as well as common sense) and you are far more likely to have success when communicating with an Alpha Female. And if for some reason you choose not to do so, you will surely be passed over in favor of someone who communicates more appropriately.


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