September Snapchat Takeovers!!

September 1: Lady Nina, Twitter: @Love_Lady_Nina

September 4: Goddess Tay, Twitter: @GoddessTayJ

September 6: Goddess Stella, Twitter: @PayStellaSol

September 8: DirtyPrincess1983, Twitter: @Dirtyprincess83

September 11th: Lauren Phillips, Twitter: @LaurenFillsUp

September 13th: Melody Cummings, Twitter: @MelodyCummsxxx

September 15th: Evelyn Milano, Twitter: @EvelynMilano_

September 18th: Mistress Delilah, Twitter: @xMissDelilah

September 19th: Princess Lexi Luxe, Twitter: @LexiLuxe_

September 21st: Miss Klara Manson, Twitter: @MissKlaraManson

September 22nd: Bobbi Cruz, Twitter: @bobbicruz_

September 25th: MelissaSweet1, Twitter: @MelissaSweet1_

September 26th: Meggerz, Twitter: @meggerz

September 27th: DaniPicas, Twitter: @misspicas

September 28th: Pavlovs Whore, Twitter: @pavlovswhore

One Comment Add yours

  1. Princess Caitlin says:

    Hi I’m a female domme and I was wondering if I could snapchat take over. Respond to me over twitter @caitlinsjk


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