Important Store Operator Terms of Use to Protect the Community for All Models

Here at iWantClips, we provide the industry’s best model and member support, payment processing, legal assistance with fighting piracy and chargebacks, utilizes the most premium hosting options available, along with marketing and advertising for our models.

Why? Because we love our Models and firmly believe that without our Models, iWantClips would not be where it is today. What other clip site in the industry brings in customers that spend anywhere from 50K – 100K+ in 1 day?

With that being said, we want to address a recent occurrence that broke our heart. We had discovered that certain models from the iWantClips community were removing iWantClips customers from the site and circumventing the website for the processing of existing customer payments. This behavior is strictly against our Store Operator Agreement’s Terms of Service. iWantClips services are only available to models who both honor the terms of our Store Operator Agreement, and value the intuitive, state-of-the-art platform we provide. This behavior only results in having his or her iWantClips store closed down.

When models seek to remove existing customers from the iWantClips website, it erodes the entire opportunity for all of the models who positively and ethically participate within the iWantClips community.  This type of behavior outlined above will never be tolerated and will result in closing down his/her store without question.

The support that IWC provides does not come for free and is very much earned via our revenue split with our models. We do our best to provide the support one would need to excel in the iWantClips community. In return, we ask that all models respect and honor the terms of our Store Operator Agreement.