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Win $500 for Being the Chattiest Customer!

by IWC


How to Participate

1. Call up your favorite iWantPhone model(s) and chat away!

2. Watch this video.

3. Be sure to take advantage of this offer before September 30th!

4. Spend at least $50 on iWantPhone to fully qualify for this contest!

How to Win

The Top 5 Chattiest customers in the entire month of September will win:

Grand Prize: $500

1st Runner Up: $50

2nd Runner Up: $50

3rd Runner Up: $50

4th Runner Up: $50

Winning funds will be awarded in the form of site credits. The minimum spend of $50 on iWantPhone to qualify for this contest. All winners will be contacted and awarded by October 1st, 2017.

Now, what are you waiting for? Chat away!

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