Infidelity with Consent: Everything You’ve Wanted to Ask About the Cuckold Fetish

It may sound taboo and confusing to be aroused at the thought of watching your spouse or significant other having sex with someone else, but the cuckold fantasy is actually a lot more common than many people realize.

A term that sounds like it belongs in Elizabethan texts, cuckolding refers to the infidelity of a man’s wife. There was a time when calling a man a cuckold was tantamount to the ultimate insult and would lead to fights, duels and even death. It was thought of as the paramount of shame for a man’s honor–and the reason for those intricate cast iron chastity belts you see in medieval museums today.

And while infidelity is still something that is universally frowned upon in most circles, some people are surprised to find that there are certain couples–husbands in particular–who find quite a bit of pleasure in indulging their wives in extramarital pleasure. Some of these men have even taken these fantasies up a notch and made cuckolding a lifestyle.


Cuckolding as Fetish

The dynamics of a sexual fetish can be intriguing to understand for those who don’t have one. Basically, a person is highly aroused by something that isn’t sexual in and of itself. It can be an inanimate object like shoes, leather garments, or stockings, an everyday activity such as shaving or urinating, a particular body part, or even something degrading or humiliating.

For men with a cuckolding fetish, something that would inspire a murderous rage in most men–that is, watching another man have sex with their wife–actually turns them on.


What’s in it for Him?

Men into cuckolding receive a form of masochistic pleasure from the degradation and shame of watching their wife cheat in front of them. Often she will vocalize how much better the “bull” is than her husband, furthering his humiliation and, in turn, pleasure.


What’s in it for Her?

In addition to getting to have sex with other men with her husband’s consent (and approval), the wife in a cuckold situation gets sadistic pleasure from dominating her husband. It’s also a very exhibitionist type of scenario–she is literally putting on a performance, having sex with another man in front of her partner and telling him how good it feels while it’s happening.


The Basics

Cuckolding involves a least three people–but it is not the same thing as a threesome or an orgy. In a threesome all parties are engaging in sexual activities at the same time. During cuckolding sex, the husband is an outside observer and doesn’t participate in any of the action. He simply observes as his wife or partner engages in sex with another man or men. Depending on their arrangement, he may only watch as she is pleasured, or she may verbally abuse him, letting him know how much better her current partners are than he is.


Choosing the Third Party

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how cuckolding couples choose who the wife will sleep with. Sometimes the husband is in charge of picking a partner, sometimes the wife chooses her own based on her own preferences. Most couples will come up with their own rules based on their own levels of comfort and enjoyment. There are even sex workers who specialize in servicing this particular fetish.