Bratty Nikki’s Q&A with’s Erika Chan

In this in-depth Q&A article, Erika Chan goes into how Bratty Nikki balances work and life, leadership, the challenges of working in a growing tech company, and her role behind the scenes of iWantEmpire. Erika also dives deep into Bratty Nikki’s love for being an artist, and the challenges that come along the way. Enjoy!

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  1. sgtjdusar says:

    Like many others when I hear it see the Words “Financial Domination.” One top image that comes up is Bratty Nikki. Gotta love Bratty Nikki Legs! It was not many years ago that a common complaint of BN was that she would not show her face.

    So happy to know BN is hugely successful. Her Shrewdness is a great appeal for us Submissives. I would likely not be interested in being her Slave. But, as a Submissive I can sense that she makes all her Submissives and Slaves feel good about her emptying their Wallets. I admire any man that could be her Husband.


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