Announcing the Winners of the iWantPhone 7 Day Giveaway Contest!

Congratulations to all those participated and the winners of the contest!

Tuesday December 19th Winner: Goddess Kyaa!

Goddess Kyaa, Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card


Wednesday December 20th Winner: Kitzi Klown!

Kitzi Klown.jpg
Kitzi Klown Prize: Bluetooth Headset


Thursday December 21st Winner: Queenlarkinlove

Queenlarkinlove, Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card


Friday December 22nd Winner: Melody Cummings

Melody Cummings.jpg
Melody Cummings, Prize: Featured on iWantClips for 1 week


Saturday December 23rd Winner: Sadie Hawkins

Sadie Hawkins.jpg
Goddess Sadie, Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card


Monday December 25th Winner: Goddess Jasmine Mendez

Jasmine Mendez.jpg
Goddess Jasmine Mendez, Prize: Promotional Package and $100 Amazon Gift Card

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