Fetish Artist Goddess Faerie takes on Stereotypes, Dating and More in iWantClips’ Artist Spotlight

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This week we shined the spotlight on fetish artist Goddess FaerieThe brunette beauty has brought sensuality and humor to the iWantClips community through her findom clips that explore her fascination with booty worship, foot fetishism and lingerie. 

Let’s get right into it

If you could have one gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it— what would it say and why?

Goddess Faerie:     “I would probably write “F**K racial stereotypes” I don’t like how Asian girls are overly sexualized and portrayed as submissive in media all the time. Even in the scene too. But here I am, a sweet sassy, kick-ass and dominant Asian girl with a cute ass <£  I hope to inspire more Asian girls to own their sexuality in a healthy way. Also, BBC is overrated. maybe it’s just me. All races are precious, I don’t want to see any jokes outside the fetish scene.” 

Something about you that would surprise your audience?

Goddess Faerie:     “Surprise my fans? that I got two top uni degrees and I speak 4 languages. I’ve traveled around the world before 20. If I put my mind into things, I will always get them done”

What was the last gift you gave someone?

Goddess Faerie:     “Last gift, oh god, it’s silly, A sexy polaroid of me and a love note to a boy who at that time i really fancied. See with me, I enjoy dating and being spoiled. All the boys that I’ve been with really tried to chase me and treat me like a princess. I enjoy romantic moments and especially when a boy is acting all nervous around me. But being a love expert, as soon as I see a red flag, I’m out. I think all girls should be like this. You are amazing and you deserve the best.”

What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life in the last six months (or in recent memory)? 

Goddess Faerie:     “An air cooler, you have no idea how hot it gets in my room during summer. I would close all the windows (to avoid noise from streets) when I’m filming clips. An air cooler really helps but still filming does cost a lot of effort, I would literally be sweating all over.”

What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

Goddess Faerie:        “This is gonna sound weird, tweezing bikini line is just therapeutic.”

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

Goddess Faerie:        “90s jam, I was still a baby, I’d go for Wonderwall by Oasis and Mr. Brightside. You know if you know”

You walk into a market and buy only three things, what are they and why?

Goddess Faerie:     “Water, chocolate and a book. see I am easily satisfied……till I don’t get it my way. I love reading books btw”

What was the last job you held before joining iWantEmpire?

Goddess Faerie:     am still working as a marketing executive for a small company. But it’s flexible and I don’t need to go to the office every day. It’s nice to know that i can choose to “work ” in an office or as an SW or both.”

How did you get started on iWantClips?

Goddess Faerie:     “Clip sales are passive income, it’s great. I was making custom videos already so i thought I’d toss them on a site and iWantClips seems to be the best fetish clip site. Looking back, I made the right choice. The staff is always supportive and I feel like part of the family. Now am making clips and having sales and tributes daily. That’s crazy.”

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession?

Goddess Faerie:     “If you don’t have it in you, you are not gonna make it.  It’s not just “am gonna be naked to make money” SW is not easy money, and don’t let anyone delude you into thinking that. We do put a lot of effort, be it branding, making clips or doing a session. Especially with social media being stricter daily. It’s hard but we are all smart and strong women so we are gonna do great ;)”


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