Artist Zone With Pearl Sinclair

One of the questions I get most often is, “How did you get into the industry?” It seems like a lot of the time, the people who ask are imagining something dramatic and I understand that. Porn is a pretty dramatic career and, given the social taboo and stigma surrounding it, I can see how it seems an unlikely choice for someone who has any alternative. I think that a lot of people expect me to tell them a story about the young, naïve girl they see getting roped into the industry on a lark, getting seduced by the money and learning along the way how to survive with the eventual goal of making enough money to find a civilian nine to five. The truth is not that exciting or that salacious. 


A little over a year ago, in the summer of 2018, I decided to quit my job and try to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I had graduated from a little liberal arts school with a degree that made me happy and proud, but didn’t give me any answers as to what kind of career I wanted. After working a dead-end job that made me miserable, I realized I needed to commit to finding my own path while I was still young. I spent some time writing and got really into erotica, but found that I didn’t have the guts required for editing and publishing. I spent some time making visual art, I even managed to get a series of my collages on the Seven Deadly Sins shown in a nice gallery. At the end of the show, I didn’t feel the same passion I had at the beginning though, so I kept on looking. I still had bills to pay and so I literally just searched online “part-time jobs you can do from home.” Of course, most of the results were just pyramid schemes and coupon clipping, but one suggestion was camming. I asked my partner if he’d mind and he looked at me like I was crazy. “Why would it bother me to be married to someone that everyone thinks is hot and who GETS PAID just to be hot?” So, I went with it. It was immediately clear to me that I’d opened a door to something powerful. I really enjoyed camming and I enjoyed private shows the most. I thought about getting into porn, so after another quick internet search, I decided to make a profile on Within a couple days of being active and getting my resume uploaded, I had gigs booked for the next month. I was crazy nervous at first, but I still had the best time of my life. I had finally found a job that ticked all my boxes—I got to be creative, work one on one or in small groups, meet lots of new people, control my schedule, value my time, make people feel good and also (most importantly) make myself feel good. 

I love sex work—I find it incredibly interesting, challenging and fulfilling. It’s also not really a surprise to me or my family (who are supportive), since I spent my entire college career studying sex in literature and dancing in a burlesque troupe. I love performing, but I also love finding new ways to titillate people. In the last year I have cammed, shot with some amazing amateurs and a few pros, I’ve stripped and learned pole dancing, I’ve gotten really into making my own content and I’ve never felt better about myself. Getting into the industry was as simple as looking for a way in and having the determination to push through and keep learning and growing and improving. It may be boring, but it’s the truth. To anyone wondering if they have what it takes, you don’t really know until you try. I suggest making your own sex tape; you’ll know right away whether you ever want to make another. 

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