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Artist Zone With Missie Kittie

by IWC

Welcome to The Artist Zone! This is a feature where we ask IWC Artists various questions to quench your curiosity. Every Artist, whether a fetish model, pornstar, cam model, or independent content producer, has a unique view to share with their fans and fellow Artists.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Missie Kittie; using Psych skills to manipulate weak boys and girls globally. Join us on a journey from random beginnings to answering a calling as we find out, how did you get started in the clip industry?


MK: My whole story of how I even got into online sex work was interesting, ha. I was just contacted by some random guy who wanted My used panties after I posted an innocent craigslist ad for clothes I was trying to sell back when I was broke. So I started selling panties, but I didn’t like the way the guys always treated Me –they were always trying to treat Me as a submissive. I tolerated it for a while until I realized I could just be the one dominating. I already had an interest in BDSM in general and decided to allow Myself to explore further. I explored with phone sessions with clients and quickly realized how much I absolutely loved humiliating and manipulating men.

I’ll never forget how surprised I was at the fact that I was so turned on after My first session (a sissification and humiliation session). And I just grew from there! I eventually realized I could essentially incorporate the content and fun of these sessions into smaller formats via clips. It also allowed Me to explore more fetishes and be as creative as I wanted. I wasn’t sure if anyone would want My clips at first, –I didn’t know how to edit, and I don’t show My face. But I decided to take the leap and went headfirst into uploading clips, and they sold! And I had repeat clients! I was amazed at the response and felt even more confident to keep creating.

More than anything, I think my subs and clients saw the passion and authenticity I had for My content and for dominating them. Now, My clips are edited and include effects, voiceovers, music, etc. and just generally have a more professional look and feel to them. I really love making clips, and plan to keep doing so –I swear I almost have an endless amount of ideas. My overall hope with making clips is to allow kinky people to feel comfortable and safe in exploring their kinks and fetishes. Maybe it’s just porn to some people but for Me, and I think for a lot of my clients that I’ve spoken to, it’s a small moment in time to indulge in something that feels perverse and rejected by society with someone who’s just as perverse and gross (Me). 



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