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Halloween Clip Contest Corrections

by IWC

We would like to provide the community with an update to the recent Halloween Clip contest results.

On November 11, 2020, for the top 5 selling clips, it was discovered that two of the Artists who placed had eligible clips for this contest that were not counted properly due to a filtering error with our system.

On November 16, 2020, for the top 2 selling clips, it was discovered that sales totals were inaccurate due to a counting error with the reporting tool we used.

This being the case, the final order of the top 5 selling clips have been adjusted accordingly, to ensure the same 5 Artists receive their proper placement for the final contest results.

We’d also like to kindly clarify that Artists that were previously announced with a higher ranking did not lose any of their initially awarded prize totals. Artists that were announced with a lower ranking have now been awarded their proper earnings according to their correct contest placement. 

We deeply apologize for these errors and for any confusion they may have caused our community. We have addressed these errors to ensure that they do not occur during any future site contests.

We would like to once again thank all of the incredible Artists who participated in our Halloween contest and extend our congratulations to all 10 of our winners. We ask that you join us in celebrating their amazing clips!

You can see all the amazing winners here: Halloween Clip Contest Winners.

Thank you again to all the Artists who participated in this year’s Halloween Clip Contest! It was wonderful to see such an amazing response from the community and we will look forward to future contests.

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