5 Online Safety Tips to Safeguard Your Model Identity and Privacy

Whether you’re a clip model, cam model, custom clip model, phone chat model…if you are a model and use the world wide web for your business – – this blog is for you. Within the ever-growing Golden Age of technology paired with the use of various social media networking sites, it is crucial to take extra steps in protecting your identity and privacy. While it is unlikely a tech savvy customer or fan would actually want to cause a model harm, their behavior can still be mischievous and cause distress. For instance, a behavior such as doxxing, the online act of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization, can be just as dangerous. Therefore, it is important for you to consider the below online safety tips to protect your identity, privacy, and safety while raking in that cold hard cash!

Tip #1:

Do you listen to Pandora? Do you listen to your Pandora stations while skyping or talking on the phone with a customer? Ads such as location based advertising can further reveal your location or place of residence. A customer on the other end of your Skype session or phone chat could very well over hear a location based ad that reveals the vicinity of your home residence. As an extra safety precaution, you should always use an alternative zip code when asked for one.

Tip #2:

Be mindful of seemingly harmless questions such as “What’s your favorite family owned restaurant?”, “What concerts are you looking forward to going this year?”, or “What’s your favorite craft beer”? As innocent as these questions may seem, potential cyber invaders may use this as a clue to narrowing down where you are actually located.

Tip #3:

Use your personal phone number to enter in websites and apps? A better alternative is to use Google Voice, it gives you one number for all of your phones while masking your actual numbers. Rather than entering your true phone number on sites and apps when prompted, enter your Google Voice number instead.

Tip #4:

Another way for committed creeps to find your personal information is through your IP address. Sure, IP addresses alone can’t say much about who you are but, when paired with a user name, then yes, your IP address can reveal your identity. In addition to not opening suspicious emails and using malware programs, you can take additional steps in protecting your privacy by hiding or masking your IP address. You can do this by using VPN software services or anonymous proxy servers.

Tip #5:

Have an Amazon Wishlist? If so, you should probably consider changing your residential shipping address to a P.O. Box. Without a P.O. Box, Amazon Wishlists can reveal where you live. For instance, aformentioned committed creep could make a quick phone call to Amazon asking where their purchase was sent to, and if they are persistent enough, a customer representative could reveal your address assuming it was an innocent question. When picking up gifts or packages from your P.O. Box, we suggest bringing a buddy, especially if your P.O. Box address is public information. We suggest never using social media to let your fans know when you’re picking up your packages. There could be someone waiting for you there.

The above online safety tips are not meant to scare you or discourage you from being the wonderful model that you are. They are meant to encourage you to practice more mindfulness especially if your business is conducted online. Although the case of a cyber snooper is rare and highly unlikely, it’s best to take preventative measures to allow your business to flourish while protecting yourself fully.

  1. Agreed. Sadly Freaks, Preverts, Knuckleheads flock to Adult Websites. Though, I doubt any true committed FD practioners would ever be a threat to FD’s many claiming to be involved with FD are not so. I say if a cam entertainer feels odd about a contact then end the contact.

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