Today’s Artist Zone With Trans Artist Julia Epiphany

Welcome to The Artist Zone! Each week, we give this space to an Artist on IWC to write about topics near and dear to them and/or the adult entertainment industry. This allows their fans to get to know their favorite Artists on a deeper level. Every Artist, whether a fetish model, pornstar, cam model, or independent content producer, has a unique view to share with their fans and fellow Artists!

This week, we’re giving a warm welcome to Julia Epiphany, a Canadian Native, who is no stranger to the fetish side of adult. We started by asking Julia: “What led you to the Fetish and Model World?” every Artist has a different and interesting path that has led them to iWantClips. Let’s find out more about Julia Ephiphany’s story!

JE- My first adult performances were in private in the Montreal fetish scene. Back in the mid-90’s when I was with my first Mistress, she had me blindfolded to present me to one of her girlfriends! It was exhilarating, but also totally nerve-racking. I met so many kinky people at that special time of my life, then in the late 90’s, I had a photoshoot where I wore a leather half-harness and shorty shorts. In 1999 I went as an attendee to my first fetish nights open to the general public, where my friends and I had fun amongst ourselves with the equipment they had. A few years later, I started attending fetish nights more regularly, until my debut as a model for Latex Nemesis at Montreal Fetish Weekend in 2010 when I took my first catwalk. Since then I had modeled several times each year, also doing mostly amateur photoshoots among friends.


A deeper inside look of Julia Ephiphany’s story:

In 2014 I took a break from the fetish world until 2018 after my separation I decided to make an entrance into porn and started shooting and publishing amateur videos on Pornhub. I’d always dreamed of shooting porn professionally but hadn’t ever had the chance, until that magic moment when I had my first shoot with Grooby by Vee Soho for Canada-TGirl, moments that I will never forget! Shortly after my shoots with Grooby, I got started with cam modeling which was very new to me so I hesitated a bit, but I met an experienced camgirl who guided me through it. Then this past June I was nominated for the 2019 YNOT Cam Star Of The Year Trans award, and while in Hollywood for the YNOT awards I was made the August 2019 Covergirl for CAM4, notably the first CAM4 trans Covergirl since they began in 1999. Making clips was an integral part of this whole year, learning how to edit video specifically for porn, learning new techniques, familiarizing myself with the hardware and tools, it was a tremendous learning curve but worth every minute. Just learning what makes my fans happy, understanding my demographics, lighting, creating something unique, fun, and memorable are all part of the clip making the process that I had to learn.…and now here we are! It’s been an incredible and wild ride, and this is all still in my first year of participating professionally as a talent in the adult industry. The universe listened and my prayers were answered, I’m so excited and eager to work with so many amazing and talented performers I’ve admired for so many years, yay!!

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