Artist Zone with Veronica Vixen

Welcome to The Artist Zone! This is a feature where we ask IWC Artists various questions to feed your curious minds. Every Artist, whether a fetish model, pornstar, cam model, or independent content producer, has a unique view to share with their fans and fellow Artists.

This week, we present the indomitable Mistress Veronica Vixen. Mistress discusses a decade of domination as she answers the question, how did you get started in the clip industry?

I’m Mistress Veronica Vixen, a Los Angeles based Domme who has been creating clips for about 2 years now. I create FemDom content that really allows me to showcase my personality and style of domination. I discovered the liberation of Female Domination about ten years ago. It started with using a strap on with one of my first boyfriends. He nervously approached me with the proposition and I LOVED it. I have a very high tolerance for filth and the unusual, it was naturally a perfect fit. So from there I blossomed into a bitchy but fun Dominatrix.

When I first started out as a Dominatrix, I would find submissive men from a fetish site to explore my sexuality with. I learned quickly that I didn’t have to force myself into a mold of what I thought a Domme persona was. I let my bratty, bubbly and sadistic self show! I especially fell in love with humiliation and financial domination. I find these fetishes bring out my creative side 😉

Being a sex worker on twitter, it’s hard to miss the wonderful content people are creating on sites like IWC. I knew with my background in film and photography, this would be an outlet to show my numerous talents. I slowly started to make my first films, finding it so awkward to talk to the camera like it was a horny man haha! I eventually became a natural, creating clips of all my perverted desires. I enjoyed showing everyone on the internet what a total Bitch I am. Using men and mind fucking them for my pleasure. I have a passion for creative content which really shows in my IWC store. If you are a newer content creator, you can’t build a brand without building content. Consistent content is the key to success! Anyways, Im happy to be controlling men all over the world from the warmth of my pink bed (atop a cage)!!


Damn, Domme! We’re not worthy!
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