The Common Fetishes Your Partner May be Secretly Pining For

Even those couples that enjoy generally satisfying sex lives may occasionally feel that their significant other is holding something back. Whether it’s a secret kink, a fantasy they’ve held on to for years, or a fetish they’re embarrassed to talk about, but would ultimately leave them fully sexually fulfilled, here’s a primer on deciphering some of the most common–as well as tips and ideas for incorporating them into your sexual repertoire as a couple.



As a fetish, cuckholding involves a man getting turned on and eventually finding sexual release in watching his wife, girlfriend, or partner having passionate sex with another man. Ultimately a submissive fantasy, the other man (usually known as the “bull”) is often younger, more physically attractive, and more muscular than the husband or boyfriend.

It can be difficult to work this type of fetish into an established relationship if you don’t have any prior experience with cuckholding, especially if it makes you uncomfortable to sleep with other people. But there are ways to indulge your partner without taking it to the extreme. Consider teasing your partner by masturbating in front of them while describing something (other than them) that turns you on, and don’t let them touch you the entire time. You can also let them watch you flirt with other people in public before coming together.


Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

Among the most popular and erotic fantasies and fetishes, voyeurism and exhibitionism center around being watched or watching people have sex, respectively. You might come to realize that this type of kink turns your partner on when they get particularly excited at acts of PDA, or while having sex watching porn.


Working a little show and tell into your sexual routine isn’t difficult, and could actually lead to quite a bit of sexual fulfillment if it really turns your partner on. Consider giving them a sneak peek by “accidentally” leaving the bathroom door open while you’re showering, “forgetting” to close the blinds when you change, or having sex up against a hotel window with the curtains wide open.


Foot Fetishism

Another common sexual proclivity, the foot is actually the most fetishized non sexual body part. People attracted to feet will be aroused by the sight of bare or stockinged digits, and men with a foot fetish will often cite a preference for certain types of shoes–usually sexy heels.


If your partner has a thing for feet, try incorporating a nice pair of stilettos or thigh high stockings at sexy time, or even letting him give you a nice, relaxing foot rub during foreplay. Not only will you both be more aroused for the main event, but he’ll be seriously impressed that you put in the time and effort to make his fantasy a reality.

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