Dark and Twisted Mistress Alexxxia Spreads Chaos in Her Wake

Welcome to this week’s Artist Spotlight, bringing the community together by delving into our Artists’ most inspiring ideas and practices, as well as a few of their favorite things. Equal parts sensual and sadistic, Mistress Alexxxia is the goth girl you were always curious about in school… grown into a potent Goddess and Dominatrix. Read on to learn more about this Gothic Dominatrix with an ideal ass…

What are some of your favorite aspects of being a Domme?

MA: The task of molding and conditioning a new, eager submissive mind to know how I think, what I crave, and how I work, yet keeping them both tense and turned on at the thought of flipping them on their ass, is an intense high in being a Domme. I love reading the story of each sub’s journey into discovering who they are and what they want, and using that story to give them an amazing experience either on a short-term scale, or so they can contribute something better than they thought possible to the world around them. Seeing My pets thrive means that not only am I leading them down the right road as a Dominant, but I am able to thrive through their successes. Their growth means a better vessel to serve and leave an imprint on the Earth, after all!

How would you describe your style as a clip producer and Domme?

MA: Putting Myself into a singular box would be an incredible disservice to My creativity and style, however I am not particularly partial to brattiness or filthier kinks (though I certainly won’t refuse to experiment). I am equal parts succubus of the dungeon, cultured and luxurious Queen, and artistic gothic enigma. I want to create a sense of wonder, indulgence and terror in each one that stumbles into My realm, all at once. It is a realm that may start as a blissful dream that melts into an erotic nightmare, or one that is unapologetic, gritty and brutal with no mercy in sight. I want to create content that makes the consumer or sub think about parts of their minds they might have never considered before, and let that thought process metamorphosize into a lust for more and greater extremes. I know that kinks often are cocktails of differing intensity and taste that can often change and intensify for those wishing to partake, and I want to play bartender with that.

What is the most memorable or noteworthy moment of being a Domme?

MA: As I’ve mentioned, one of the greatest joys in dominance is guiding My pets toward a better future and a thriving lifestyle. My longest sub (who is no longer under My guidance) was able to pursue graduate school, as well as lose over 50 lbs (if I’m not mistaken) through training under Myself as I made the importance of self-care part of his slave curriculum. Seeing him make the changes to better himself was enough to bring tears to My eyes. Even to this day, I am still so proud of him.

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What are your favorite categories (fetish, JOI, roleplay, humiliation, etc) to perform in and why?

MA: I would say that My favorites are puppy/pet play, ass worship (have you seen Mine? come on), latex, verbal humiliation and cuckolding. The last two I find are the most enjoyable and I can create some vividly bold descriptives and dialogue thanks to My acting and writing backgrounds. Pet play, I love how it goes hand-in-hand in an almost nurturing yet firm way in slave training. Who doesn’t love training and molding the unsculpted brain of a new pet to ensure they do exactly what you (and only you) want?


Please describe your ideal sub and what this person could do to impress you.

MA: It is imperative that any sub of any background, gender and beyond remembers to put their ego and conceived “tropes” of Dommes aside when approaching Me, as I am no mirror copy of any that have come before Me or will come after. In addition, thinking that you need to be rich, very experienced in BDSM, or have few to no limits to be the perfect sub is a fool’s errand. I value seven key things in creating new D/s dynamics: communication, honesty, consistency, generosity, gratitude, oneness and willingness to progress. Communication and honesty work in tandem to ensure that no blurred lines or crossed nor limits are stepped on — I cannot read minds nor will I attempt to read them Myself. If they refuse to sacrifice some level of comforts for My indulgence, they need not apply at all; submission is also the act of sacrificing a level of comfort for a Dominant’s pleasure, whether they crave it or not. They also should be able to differentiate self-servitude from actual servitude; if the Dominant does not command/wish for or benefit from what you give, it is not service to Them. On the lighter side though, I enjoy subs that have their own unapologetic quirks like nerdiness or unique vanilla passions that W/we can talk about and laugh about together. A sub that can become a trusted friend and confidant is a huge plus. No matter your experience level, budget, knowledge or limits, there may just be a place for you in My kennel of slaves.

Would you consider your work as a Domme to be your lifestyle, or do you enjoy a balance/separation between being a Domme and your personal life?

MA: I think having a balance away from D/s is pretty important in My personal life, but it no doubt has grown to even influence My everyday interactions that have no kinkiness involved. Even enjoying a life of luxury, control and power, I still love things people consider below their station, like cooking, organizing/cleaning and driving from place to place. Anyone in My personal, more private life does know Me as a bold sex worker who preaches female equality like gospel and goes in on injustices for those without what should be a standard of freedom and living, but I am also wacky, weird and absolutely love My introversion and isolation on a good day. Partying no longer suits Me and there’s nothing I love more than cooking a huge meal for Myself and one or two friends and talking about psychology or mythology.

Please describe what being in the moment as a Domme feels like to you… Is it a rush? Exciting? Expected? Anything in between?

MA: It entirely depends on the scenario. Seeing a slave trembling before Me, awaiting the next blow to flush his flesh red, eyes full of fear and arousal and focused on the instrument in the air on the backswing, is like the very moment before a roller coaster cascades down a hill it had previously climbed. I grin. I hear My pulse thrumming in My body. I anticipate the sound of their cries, like awaiting a favorite song to be played at full volume. When not in person, or doing impact play, it’s entirely different. I can picture the static in their head that hums as I tell them to send again or complete a humiliating task. I hear My heartbeat and picture it matching the tempo of their pulsating d*ck or cl*t. I know they are both horny and afraid and slipping deeper into the chasm, and I THRIVE on that. What will I do next? Are they fully aware of how doomed they could be, knowing I could crush them like an insect or paragon them to erotic heaven? Ugh, the rush from it all is paradise.

If you had a theme song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?

MA: If I wanted My entrance to be graceful or mesmerizing, it would be “Goddess” by BANKS. If I wanted it to strike erotic fear into the hearts of every man in the room, it would be “Venus in Fear” by Cradle of Filth.

If you could have starred in any movie, what would it be and why?

MA: I would want to be either a female Beetlejuice from his title movie, or female Alex from Clockwork Orange. I just want to be a dark and twisted little thing that spreads chaos in Her wake.

If you could go to dinner with any celebrity, living or dead, who would you choose?

MA: It would be Guillermo del Toro, 100%. I have never before in My life seen the work of someone with an imagination as wild, unapologetic and beautiful as his. Picking his brain to see his own creative processes would be an honor and a dream.

If you could only eat one meal everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

MA: Steak au poivre (made with porterhouse or filet), with crispy pomme frites and homemade garlic aioli, all with either a glass of montepulciano red wine or a flute of sparkling rose. Either all that or a good burger and milkshake. I can go either way, fancy or classic.

Do you have any current obsessions?

MA: Learning how to craft latex! I have an almost decade-long background in cosplay, sewing and couture costume design so I’ve been using My wheelhouse of skills to learn to craft gorgeous latex garments. I get so excited at the thought of having an entire fetish wardrobe that I designed and made with My own hands, and with practice I’d love to see other powerful Dominants wearing them as well!

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What is your favorite book?

MA: It is a three-way tie between The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, and The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. I love My fantasy and black-dystopia tomes!

What is your dream vacation destination?

MA: I’m still awaiting the day that I finally take the life-changing trip to Japan and live out My lifelong dream of a two-week journey through its cities.

What is something about you that would surprise your audience?

MA: I actually did not start My journey in kink as a Dominatrix. I spent the earlier bulk of My years as a submissive. However in no way do I see this as a weakness or shortcoming — I view it entirely as a strength. When you are on that end of a dynamic, you learn things so much more vibrantly. You learn how much effort it takes in a flick of the wrist when wielding a paddle as opposed to a single tail. You learn the importance of protocol and why a Dom(me) gives you a certain task. And most importantly, you learn that even though the submissive is at your mercy, they are NOT powerless nor weak, and their trust is priceless. This perspective has led to immense success in cultivating dynamics and relationships on a long and short-term with the subs and kinksters that interact with Me.


What was the last job you held before joining iWantEmpire?

MA: I was a production artist, professional alternative model (9 years in the industry!) and freelance designer. And after joining iWantEmpire, I still am all those things but with only more experience, more opportunities and a better sense of how much My talents are worth. My life is just once success and step of growth after another.

How did you get started on iWantClips?

MA: I thought it was a perfect way to continue My creative spirit and also give subs the opportunity to get a little taste of who I am as a kinkster and Dominatrix. In a way, each clip is like a miniature focused session. All of My clips are in a POV style and are meant to immerse the sub in what it would be like to be utterly at My mercy. I also love having it as a creative outlet to experiment with new techniques in editing and new kinks that I might perfect as I continue along My journey.


What are bad recommendations you hear given to people just starting out in the industry?

MA: I think a pretty terrible thing is to just jump in. Depending on the person, this could be catastrophic and lead to casualties along the way that could ruin others’ perceptions of kink. Know what SSC/RACK is. Know how important it is to have established limits and protocol. Have an idea of a direction you want to go in. Do your reading and research before going in blind. The more resources you have going in, the more successful you’re going to be.


What advice would you give to a new artist starting out in the industry?

MA: Whatever you do, do not try to be someone else’s definition or perfect, or try to accommodate 100% of the kinksters/subs that come across you. There is a niche for everyone and everything, and at the end of the day you need to be comfortable with yourself and who you are. Being unapologetic, happy with yourself and having 10 committed fans is better than being who you aren’t deep down and having 100 flaky followers. Also, you are going to have failures and you are going to fall down. Get the fuck back up, brush yourself off, and proudly show the world the imprint you’re going to leave on it.

Thank you for joining us, Mistress!

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