Dirty Movies: Must See Kink and Fetish Films

Fifty shades of what? Christian Grey may be the latest in hot, dominant men who like to get a little dirty, but for a full cinematic celebration of fetish and kink, there is a whole world of sexy films out there. All of them with the singular intention of shocking, titillating, and stimulating you, the darling viewer. Here’s a look at some not-to-be missed movies about sex, kink, and naughtiness.


Belle de Jour

Luis Bunel’s 1967 classic tells the story of a middle-class housewife, played expertly by Catherine Denevue, who decides to embark on a career as a prostitute during the hours her husband is at work. Based on Joseph Kessel’s 1928 novel, the film would go on to inspire a real-life escort–the subject of the UK’s hit show Secret Diary of a Call Girl.



Gerard Depardieu stars in this 1975 film whose plotline reads like a XXX porn: a small time crook comes over to fix the plumbing at the home of a professional dominatrix. Only recently has the UK dropped the X rating of this French art film.


9 ½ Weeks

The 50 Shades of 1986, 9 ½ weeks is based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Elizabeth McNeill. Kim Basinger plays shy divorcee to Mickey Rourke’s mysterious, possibly dangerous Wall Street broker. Public sex, whipping, and more boundary-testing than you can shake a DVD at make this cult favorite a must-see for anyone with an affinity for kinky movies.



Provocative, intriguing, and not for the faint of heart, David Croenberg’s 1996 Crash takes viewers on a wild ride into a world where characters indulge their deepest sadomasochistic wants by engineering and participating in car crashes. Two versions of the movie exist, so seek out either the R or more intense NC-17 rated version, depending on your level of comfort.


Preaching to the Perverted

Billed as the first fetish feature film, 1997’s Preaching to the Perverted is an indie favorite. Set in London (and narrowly avoiding a pornographic rating), it’s a witty, fun look at the world of kink and clubbing, with Guinevere Turner staring as a dominatrix being investigated by the government.



An awkward and fragile young woman meets a mysterious, domineering, guarded businessman named Mr. Grey and develops an intense submissive relationship with him. Sound familiar? If you’re thinking EL James penned this story, think again. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s star-making performance across James Spader made Secretary one of the most loved and well-filmed movies about BDSM ever put to screen.

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