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Dear Artists,


We are excited to share that we are always open for more Artists to be featured on IWCSociety, our latest online editorial that promotes and celebrates Artists on IWC, aimed to dramatically boost an Artist’s brand visibility.


We have received so many inquiries about being featured on IWCSociety, since announcing its launch on December 13, that we wanted to put the following information together to elaborate on how an Artist may become featured: 


  • All photoshoots for IWCSociety are done exclusively by our in-house celebrity photographer, complete with professional hair and makeup, to provide a fun, and memorable glamour modeling experience.  
  • All photoshoots take place here in Los Angeles, California. 
  • All photoshoots receive full social media support and attention. 
  • All photoshoots are provided to Artists at no charge, however the Artist is responsible for any travel and accommodations if they live outside of Los Angeles. For traveling Artists, this trip can be the perfect tax write-off!

    If you meet or can meet the above criteria, please reach out directly to Our team selects Artists that are friendly to the IWC Brand and has establishment within the community. Please understand that availability is limited, because photoshoots are a large production. Laura and our team very much look forward to the chance of working with you.


Thank you so much!

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