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LOS ANGELES (January 10, 2019) This week we shined the spotlight on fetish artist Goddess Tay, as she reveals her introverted, silly side and obsession with penguins and pies in this week’s new Artist Spotlight, exclusively from iWantClips.

Let’s get right into it

If you could have one gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it— what would it say and why?

Goddess Tay:     “The penguin apocalypse is coming.” I would like to mention that I am a very very silly person. This refers to a clip I did around April Fools day, which was an executrix, and also refers to my obsession with penguins.”

Something about you that would surprise your audience?

Goddess Tay:     Something that I feel would surprise my fans is I am in real life very introverted. I am very shy and withdrawn and do not enjoy leaving my house. That is why I rarely meet up with people and you don’t see many photos of me outside. I also make jewelry, knit, and crochet. And I have a passion for baking and dance. The latter might be widely known, however, since I’ve danced in clips and on my private twitter and goodies have been in certain feeder clips. I taught myself to knit and crochet years ago as a hobby. And I stopped for a while but I found a passion for it again when I discovered you can crochet a flower crown, of sorts.”

What was the last gift you gave someone?

Goddess Tay:     “I gave my mother a bracelet I made her for her birthday. It was a green and black bracelet enlarged a little bit especially for her wrist, and she loved it.”

What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life in the last six months (or in recent memory)? 

Goddess Tay:      “This was hard to choose from since I receive gifts regularly. But I decided on New Balance sneakers. A fan bought a pair of sneakers off my wishlist because my sneakers were very worn out and I had injured my foot. It helped my foot recover until I hurt it again recently. And they’ve been helping my bounce back from that as well. I might be speaking too soon but also another fan bought a pair of inserts for those sneakers that should be even more helpful and supportive. I love it so much when fans actually care.”

What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

Goddess Tay:     “My answer is going to be so beyond predictable. I have an obsession with penguins if that has not become very clear by now. They legitimately bring me joy, so I surround myself with them. And that might not seem absurd necessarily but the level of obsession is. For #IWCWorldwide2018 I did a picture on Twitter surrounded by penguin items saying my hobby was collecting penguins. It wasn’t a joke. My unusual habit is when I’m feeling down I go on Amazon usually and search penguin. It’s soothing.”

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?

Goddess Tay:     “This is really really hard to pick. But I chose Britney Spears because I love Britney. Growing up, I was raised with primarily the Christian rock genre. And when I was 9, my sister and I discovered hard rock and heavy metal. I always hated an entire genre of music without ever really listening to it until middle school when I heard Britney Spears on a bus. And her song (You Drive Me) Crazy is really fun and is so easy to dance to. She expanded my taste in music.”

You walk into a market and buy only three things, what are they and why?

Goddess Tay:     “Blueberry pie filling, apple pie filling, and pie crust. I make these mini pies that are to die for. I love to bake so much, and I love sugar. Those pies are downright addictive.”

What was the last job you held before joining iWantEmpire?

Goddess Tay:     “I worked at Wendy’s. As much as I like Wendy’s food, working there was a literal hell. I started at the front register but ended up late on being primarily on drive-thru either making sandwiches or taking orders.”

How did you get started on iWantClips?

Goddess Tay:     I discovered the sex work industry in November of 2014. And as time went on I discovered camming and I discovered clips. I started making clips in March of 2015, and I started on Clipvia. And after that I started branching out on clip sites until, upon friend recommendation, I found iWantClips. And when uploading, I sold a clip almost immediately. And it became my main clip site and my highest earner.

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession?

Goddess Tay:     “I don’t think this is really a “recommendation” per say but I see people advise that hard work is what gets you to the top. The top 100 on iWantClips for example. And while hard work helps, there’s more to it than that. “Work hard” oversimplifies it. So work hard, by all means, but don’t expect immediate success from it.”

For more Goddess Tay check out her iWantClips Store or Twitter page 


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