Happy #NationalBossDay from iWantClips!

To celebrate, we asked some of our Artists how owning their own brand and being their own boss has magnified their lives. Having control of your own brand gives you complete autonomy over your creativity, your impact, and the freedom to do as you please, whenever you please. 

These boss babes kissed the 9-5 world goodbye and today we honor everyone who has taken the leap and seized their careers in their own hands. We’ve also included a comment from our closest trailblazer – a tough, creative, and badass woman who grew tired of the restrictions from companies that didn’t seem to understand what Artists need, and used that opportunity to build something better for the community: 


“Thank you to all the incredible unique artists that participated in the #NationalBossDay promotional video! You are all wonderful examples of what owning your brand and producing your own content can achieve – the freedom to live life on your terms. The artists on IWC inspire me every day to push harder to create even more opportunities for all independent artists and models and I am most grateful. Thank you for choosing iWantClips and allowing us to support your dreams!” – Bratty Nikki, President & CEO


To all those who are forging a path of empowerment and in turn empowering others to do the same… Happy National Boss Day!

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  1. I loved this video! You can feel empowerment emanating from every single artist!
    iWantClips has helped me in so many ways that 1, 7 or 15 minutes wouldn’t be enough to say everything I wanted! ❤ Thank you IWC!

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