How I Became a Domme by Mistress Satine

Many fans and subs have asked how I entered the Femdom lifestyle so I decided I would use my first blog post with iWantClips to introduce myself, Mistress Satine, and give you some insight as to how I became involved in the fetish world. I have loved every minute of it and have learned so much over the years. I have met some amazing, wonderful people and it has really changed my life.

It all started shortly after graduation. I was in school, working two jobs to pay for my expenses and luxuries while being a full time student. I was working at On the Border, a Tex-Mex restaurant, as a waitress when a customer approached me before leaving and asked if they could have my work socks. I essentially shoo’ed the man away and was not so kind in my wording. About a week or two later, he returned to the restaurant again and said he wanted my work socks and would be willing to pay whatever I wanted for them.

To add some back story, I have always had a dominant side where I have loved to control men, using whatever I could to manipulate them into doing things I wanted. I had my share of boyfriends in school as well as my share of admirers who wanted nothing more than to be allowed to breathe the same air as me. I can even recall a situation where a boy had come to my house to hang out, things went south and he teased me over the color of my gorgeous red hair. He was taught a lesson by yours truly, went home crying and came back the next day with flowers, candy and asked if he could be my boyfriend. He was denied.

So, back to how I entered the Femdom world. The customer, who had returned, again requested to purchase my work socks and said he would give me whatever I wanted for them. I smiled and told him I wanted two hundred dollars or he could disappear forever and if he ever came back, I would inform my supervisors of his pathetic behavior. He left and I figured I had scared him away. He returned about twenty minutes later with a withdrawal receipt from the Bank of America that was just around the corner and two hundred dollars cash. Once he handed me the cash and thanked me for the privilege of buying my socks, I sat down on the curb, right outside the restaurant and made him untie my sneakers. As he unlaced and loosened my sneakers, I directed him to remove the sneaker and smell it since he was so keen on having my sweaty work socks. I wanted him to really understand what he was asking for. He lifted my size 6 black Reebok classics to his nose and took the biggest deep breath I had ever seen. He looked as if he had smelled the most delicious meal after being starved for weeks. He set them down once they were removed and removed the socks from my feet, one by one.  I allowed him to take the socks and then directed him to leave. He became my first “regular” slave, took me to my first dungeon and served me until I moved out of state. We occasionally keep in touch and he does still buy my socks, toe clippings and foot dust every now and again. Old habits die hard, don’t they?

As time went by, I found more and more fetishes turned me on and I was also able to identify my hard limits and what boundaries I was willing to explore and push personally. I found a love for financial domination, total power exchange, blackmail fantasy as well as home wrecker fantasies and role play. The fetish world was the one place I could express myself, in all aspects, and not be judged or told to behave differently because “that’s not how women act”. I found freedom, family and acceptance of sexual creativity, amongst other things, in the BDSM lifestyle. I am glad I found the lifestyle and I hope you enjoyed taking the time to get to know me, Mistress Satine.

Get to know Mistress Satine a little bit better by going to iWantMistressSatine or visit her on Twitter @MistressSatine and Instagram MistressSatine.


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