How Working In the Erotic Fetish Industry Raised My Self Confidence by SpoiledIvory

I didn’t always take part in the fascinating fetish and adult online performance industry as part of my career. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I’d be practicing the art of seduction as part of my career choice, I probably would’ve laughed in your face. But I had to admit to myself, after seeing all of the lucrative opportunities rising within the fetish clip world and phone sex industry, curiosity eventually brought me to the registration page of sites like iWantClips.

Never in my life had I been more shocked to see literally every fetish market under the sun being catered to, and beautiful happy girls making an honest (and HEFTY) profit from simple clips they’d send to their boyfriend or girlfriend on a daily basis to keep things spicy.

Throughout my experience in the adult entertainment industry online, I’ve made some great friendships, and have had some extremely loyal, extremely frequent customers. I found that not only did the praise and (well let’s face it cash) put an extra spring in my step in my personal life, it also improved the way I felt about myself.

Not only has producing fetish content given me the opportunity to be creative (in SO many ways) but it has also allowed me to feel more comfortable, powerful and desirable. Although it may be widely contested among the mainstream – I’ve found that my experience creating fetish content has only empowered me as a woman to take advantage of as many business opportunities and interesting experiences as possible, sometimes even with just a brand-new manicure and batting my eyelashes.


Get to know SpoiledIvory a little bit better by going to SpoiledIvory’s Clip Store or visit her on Twitter @SpoiledIvory.


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  1. Interesting post. However, it would have been more interesting to see a post supporting the Sex (Cam Show) Industry addressing the criticisms of Adult Sex Work. Their are huge numbers of critics who claim to have been involved in some form of sex industry work who claim the industry ruined their lives or at the minimum are embarrassed by their work in the sex industry. I always say great opinion pieces become great opinion pieces when you can defend your opinion and that is done by countering the critics.

    1. Considering this is a clip blog I’m not sure one devoted solely to camming would be accepted. Girls have to write the blog posts, send them in and hope to get it approved. I’m not sure one on just camming would be approved for this blog.

  2. I think each experience is really it’s own. Plenty of people work careers that make them insecure or disrupt their lives. I found something that resonated with me, and was lucky to be able to do that or I’m sure some fetish work could seem just as menial.

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