Humilitrix Bella Park Discussing Horror and Love Languages on Today’s Tuesday 10

Welcome to Tuesday 10 by IWC, where we ask Artists 10 rapid fire questions about some of their favorite things. This week’s Tuesday 10 is centered around Bella Park, a professional humilitrix, manipulatrix, and horror nerd. Bella is a master with words, and will turn any man into putty with just a few choice sentences. Take a look in to a few things that make her tick, so you can learn to please.


How does someone instantaneously get on your good side?

BP:  Talk horror movies with me.  


How about your bad side?

BP:  Text me 5 times in a row. 


How do you hope you’re described by people when you’re not around?

BP:  Down to earth. 


Is it okay to sleep with socks on?

BP:  No, never. 


Coffee or tea?

BP:  Tea! Green and Oolong. 



What is your love language?

BP:  Money. 


Do you or do you not believe in ghosts?

BP:  I believe.


What’s your vice?

BP:  Sugar!


Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?

BP:  Twitter.


What is your absolute, number one, biggest pet peeve?

BP:  Talking with a mouth full of food.

Many thanks to Manipulatrix Artist Bella Park for allowing our readers to learn more about her in this quickie Tuesday 10 interview! Be sure to visit her iWantClips store and buy her FinDom video clips. Whether you are into humiliation, taboo fantasies, blackmail fantasy, or chastity, Bella Park features a wide range of clips for you to worship her and become her biggest fan!

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