Incest: The Last Taboo

It’s an idea society in general tends to reject wholeheartedly: incest. One of the last major taboos of human sexuality, the idea of engaging in sexual relations with someone closely related to you is, for the most part, one that makes most people cringe. But lately, thanks in no small part to Hollywood and blockbuster television phenomena like Game of Thrones, the topic of incest and taboo sex is one that’s been on a lot of people’s lips. (Pardon the visual.)

It’s important to note that while the idea of shagging your first cousin may be a bit icky to some, it’s culturally acceptable in other parts of the world. In fact, this type of arrangement makes up nearly 50% of marriages in certain Middle Eastern countries. That said, actual incest is usually looked down upon because of the possible direct correlation to things like birth defects in future children. But what if what floats your boat is not the idea of actual incest, but taboo roleplay?

A wide and complex aspect of fetish, the world of incest roleplay is more than just popular–it currently makes up the fastest-growing fetish genre in the adult film industry. In fact, to circumvent the often complicated and ambiguous regulations within the pornography industry when it comes to this kind of taboo subject matter, there has been an explosion in smaller production companies and individual actors and producers with their own personal sites producing content where actors portraying mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, and even grandparents and grandchildren engage in sexual acts with one another in front of the camera.

So what does all of this mean? Does enjoying incest and taboo roleplaying mean that a person actually wants to have sex with a family member? Is playacting as a minor indicative of something deeply rooted in your psyche? Is there something wrong with you for wanting to call your husband Daddy in bed?

The short answer is that, like just about every other sexual preference and fantasy, as long as the parties involved are consenting adults, there isn’t a single thing wrong with it, or you.

When it comes to sex and fantasy, it is entirely possible to find the idea of something erotically charged and arousing within the context of roleplay without actually wanting to take part in it. After all, many people enjoy the idea of a cop fantasy without actually joining the force, right?

There is a difference between the kind of fantasizing we do that falls into the category of actual desired wish fulfillment (like when we fantasize about winning the lottery) and fantasy and roleplay that we don’t actually want to happen–it’s just escapism.

So what’s the allure to this kind of fantasy scenario, if participants know it will never happen? For starters, there is the element of taboo. Similar to non-consent or adultery fantasies, there’s something undeniably sexy about the forbidden. Additionally, there is also a power dynamic at play in incest fantasy.

Whatever the reasons behind enjoying your taboo roleplay, remember that as long as all parties are willing, consensual participants, you have nothing to worry about. So go ahead and get as naughty as you want.

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  1. I have long wondered about this. The incest fetish is so common. Top views on porn sites come from incest videos. Just naming it brother and sister or something similar will net even more views. I was wondering if these people are really into real life incest or if its just a fantasy. But i think its just a fantasy, especially after reading this

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