iWantClips Ambassador Marc MacNamara Releases Exclusive Interview with Rafael Alencar

iWantClips Ambassador Marc MacNamara Releases Exclusive Interview with Rafael Alencar

Legendary Gay Porn Star Announces Retirement!


LOS ANGELES (May 15, 2018) –  iWantClips Ambassador Marc MacNamara  has released an exclusive interview with gay adult superstar Rafael Alencar where he officially announces his retirement from porn. The interview is available on iWantClips YouTube Channel

“Rafael is at the core an amazing human being. He is a smart businessman, but what most people don’t know is that he is witty, quick and funny as shit. He has experienced more of this industry than anyone I can think of,” MacNamara said. “I learn from him every time he manages to formulate a sentence. This interview really shows off who he is and what he reveals will no doubt shock people.”

Alencar, who is known for his large manhood and acclaimed on-screen performances, announces his retirement from porn as well as discusses his career and life in a compelling interview with the acclaimed filmmaker as part of his new interview series “NSFW With Marc MacNamara.” The series is expected to grow exponentially over the years with regular interview releases.

“The exclusive interview offers deep insight into the adult superstar’s work and life since his arrival in the adult industry 15 years ago,” said James Power, vice president of operations of iWantEmpire, which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, iWantCustomCips, iWantPhone and iWantFanClub. “Marc takes viewers behind the curtains of this acclaimed adult performer who shares about sex, his earlier career, and even his trysts with top celebrities!”

In the insightful interview, Rafael expresses he is grateful for his time in porn and the success he has achieved, but feels it is time for him to move on.

“I’m very proud of all the movies that I did. I’m very happy for the things I did. I travel all over the world and people recognize me everywhere, no matter where I am,” he said. “This is a very good year because I’m retiring from porn finally. I’m done… I did my share.”

During the interview, conducted in a hot tub, Alencar tells MacNamara about his celebrity hookups as well as his wardrobe adjustments, given his considerable manhood and more.

“All my clothes are fitted for me. All my jeans. My waist is 27. My butt is a hundred,” he quipped. “The things get fitted because the waist is thin so I have to fit. I don’t use tight clothes. I like baggies.”

And on his celebrity hookups, Alencar said: “All the famous people. The singers and actors that you know that they are gay, they have called me, but not because ‘oh I’m going to Rafael,’” he said. “They cannot be seen in public. They cannot go to a bar, club or restaurant. They cannot have a hook up so they call 1-800 me.”

Born in Brazil where he was a successful dentist, Alencar came to the United States to grow his practice when his striking looks and infectious charm led him to the adult industry in 2003 where he became an instant sensation. He would go on star in a number of acclaimed adult films for top studios, earning him superstar status from the get go.

To see the full interview, click here.

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