iWantClips Announces New Site Search: iWantSearch+ (beta)


iWantClips Announces New Site Search: iWantSearch+ (beta)

We are thrilled to announce the release of iWantSearch+, a new and improved way our fans can search for their favorite content on iWantClips

Now, with iWantSearch+, fans can search with multiple refinements to narrow down results to exactly what they are looking for.  Search functions like categories, keywords, an Artist’s name and even words within content descriptions, can all either be applied to the same search query or separated. No matter how a fan wants to search, iWantSearch+ will now be a tool to help fans quickly and easily find what they are looking for.  

Additionally, iWantSearch+ allows users to return over 500,000 results in just fractions of a second! To top everything off, the search also has a typo-tolerance system, in which iWantSearch+ will still yield results for common typos a user may input.

It is our hope that iWantSearch+ also helps fans find content they love that may not be as recent. Though we operate in an environment that embraces new content, we also understand that much of the content our Artists create are timeless. Therefore, we wanted to make it easier for our fans to find these timeless content pieces by our Artists.

iWantSearch+ is currently in beta and works for Desktop and Tablet. In the near future, our team will be making adjustments and refinements to the functionality and display. In this spirit, we encourage our community to reach out and contact us anytime about any questions, suggestions or bugs with iWantSearch+ at Support@iWantClips.com.

We thank everyone for continuing to grow with us, these past few years. We see iWantSearch+ as both a milestone and demonstration of the growth we have all experienced together as a community. Thank you so much!

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