iWantClips Launches 2019 Holiday Clip Contest!

Happy Holidays Christmas Hanukkah Themed Clip Contest for Artists

The season of cheer is upon us, and in honor of the festive spirit we are launching our Holiday Clip Contest! Pull out some candy canes and your sexiest Santa apparel, because for the entire month of December, we’ll have a clickable section on the homepage called the Holiday Season 2019 Section – dedicated to directing traffic toward your Holiday themed clips to boost sales on all your uniquely festive fetish content. 

What better way to celebrate making the Naughty list than to Dominate the site with your extra kinky FemDom content, and you’ll have two different opportunities to win $500 CASH. We will be picking two winners total! Our first $500 CASH winner will be for Most Creative Holiday-themed clip, and our second $500 CASH winner will be for Top Selling Holiday-themed clip! 


We can’t wait to see all your sexy and creative holiday clips dominating the site! Thank you for being a part of the IWC Community.


Happy Holidays!


We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about this contest or anything else. We can be reached at ArtistExperience@iWantClips.com


Terms and Conditions:

The iWantClips 2019 Holiday Clip Contest will take place from November 25, 2019 – January 1, 2020. The contest is open to all iWantClips Artists.

Winners will be selected based on:

Top Selling Clip
* Top Selling Clip is defined as having the highest number of sales between November 25, 2019 – January 1, 2020 for a single Holiday-themed clip that is priced at $9.99 or higher, is 5-minutes or more in length, has a resolution of 720p or greater, and includes the “Holiday 2019” keyword tag.

Most Creative Clip
* Most Creative Clip is defined as being extraordinarily creative within a Holiday-themed clip that is released between November 25, 2019 – January 1, 2020. In order to qualify, the clip must be priced $9.99 or higher, 5-minutes or more in length, have a resolution of 720p or greater, have sold at least 10 times, use the “Holiday 2019” keyword tag, and must include creative elements such as special effects, costumes, etc. All creative clips that fit this theme and criteria are placed in a queue and a winner is selected at random.

The first category winner, Top Selling Clip, will receive $500.00. The second winner, Most Creative Clip, will also receive $500.00. 

There will be 2 unique winners total, in which the same Artist cannot win both prizes.  Upon submitting your entry for use in our contest, by tagging your clips with keyword “Holiday 2019”, you grant iWantEmpire and its subsidiaries the rights to use your images and likeness, in various forms of promotion, including but not limited to, Artist Spotlight features, Exclusive Promotional graphics, and other promotional opportunities. For more information, please contact ArtistExperience@iWantClips.com.

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