iWantClips Site Maintenance Update & FOSTA-SESTA Statement

Dear Artists & Studios,

It has been a stressful time as of late for the community in light of FOSTA-SESTA, as well as our recent maintenance periods on iWantClips this past week. We want to assure you that iWantClips will always be a safe, optimal, and supportive platform for you to market your creative works. Your success is our top priority.

As we’ve seen on popular forums, and social media, there has been some suspicion that recent legislation has been affecting site performance. We assure you that they are not linked in any manner. Regarding the advent of FOSTA-SESTA, our leadership and legal counsel have placed us in prime position to be protected from any negative impacts. You can move forward with ease into the future on all iWantEmpire platforms.

Our recent maintenance periods (some of which have been planned and some have not) are a result of updates that ultimately are designed to enhance performance and scalability far into the future. We thank you for all the feedback we’ve received from the community during this time.

We apologize for the interruptions in service for your fans and businesses. Our team is working tirelessly to prevent further interruptions. By doing so, we will have a maintenance period at 9am MST, 12 EST on March 30th for roughly 15 minutes. This will conclude our downtime for this week and the foreseeable future. We thank you for your patience, support and understanding.

Warmest Regards,

~ The iWantClips Team


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