iWantClips Sponsors Amberly Rothfield’s Indie Model Marketing Seminar Tour

Adult Industry Mogul Amberly Rothfield Indie Marketing Course

LOS ANGELES (November 12, 2019) – iWantClips is proud to announce their sponsorship of Amberly Rothfield’s Indie Model Marketing Seminars. Passionate about teaching performers to better market themselves, Amberly Rothfield’s seminars in 7 U.S. cities are geared toward clip producers, audio artists, phone operators, and cam performers alike who are ready to take their brand to the next level.


A 13 year veteran, the “How I Made $10,000 A Month As A Phone Sex Operator” author has been committed to lending her support to performers of all stages of their careers. Starting off as a phone sex operator, Rothfield reigned in the top lists for years accumulating a wealth of knowledge along the way. Through determination and hard work, Amberly has continued to dominate different sectors of the adult industry. Rothfield has changed the game by learning how to take mainstream marketing tools and applying them to online adult entertainment for independent performers.


As a company that strives to empower artists from every background, it’s certainly an honor for iWantClips to support Amberly in creating an open learning experience for such a diverse range of performers. “We are extremely excited to be able to support Amberly’s seminar tour and believe that this greatly benefit those artists careers who attend.” said Bratty Nikki, President of iWantClips.


One of the industry’s most revered advocates, Rothfield is acutely experienced in boosting gained profit in adult for the long term. Amberly doesn’t believe in any of the commonplace stereotypes holding an artist back, and knows exactly how to get around every marketing roadblock – from Preferred SEOs to WordPress and capturing an audience, she’s got a remedy for it all. “The model marketing masterclass came from the supreme need to teach sustainable working principles in the adult industry. Often times it is taught that we just need to make a social media profile and promote, and there’s so much more that goes into it. I strive to change that by teaching them to dismiss structuring and start using marketing techniques to bring models to the next level.”

For tickets, event details and locations, please click here.


About iWantClips:

Founded on a deep respect for adult artists, iWantClips and iWantCustomClips, are among the world’s leading sites for independent content and interaction with fetish models, cam girls, amateurs and porn stars . The innovative network is passionate about supporting artists brands, offering the highest spending traffic, vanity URLs, and exclusive marketing tools. IWC’s proprietary software employs all the features artists require for success, along with a platform for fans to enjoy independently produced video clips, custom clips, and direct communication with the site’s bevy of talented artists.



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