iWantClips Statement about the DDoS Attack on October 15th

iWantClips Statement about the DDoS Attack
We are back online.

In light of the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on its managed DNS infrastructure Sunday, October 15, which resulted in internet disruption to the iWantClips website, Vice President Jay Phillips has released a statement detailing the attack and its investigations into the matter thus far:

Today from approximately 3:30 AM until approximately 9:00 AM, the iWantClips.com website was hit with a DDoS attack causing the website to become unresponsive and ultimately unavailable. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working tirelessly to prevent further interruptions. Our development team was aware of the attack within minutes of it occurring and was able to stop the DDoS attack within a matter of hours.

We have determined that this was not an amateur attack and was in fact a deliberate, well-funded and strategized attack to take down iWantClips. While the site did become unavailable, it was not hacked, compromised, or in any way penetrated. This latest attack, while deeply concerning and regretfully inconvenient to our artists and fans, serves to remind us of the threat that the success of each and every artist on the iWantEmpire represents to certain individuals.

It is disappointing to witness deliberate and criminal cyber-attacks, but our entire team is working on higher alert to ensure such attacks do not result in further disruption.

We are building a stronger empire, not just for our fans, but also for the artists who comprise our network, for their future, and for the future of art and entertainment. We would like to thank the thousands of users who offered their support and encouragement. We will never stop growing this groundbreaking platform or the opportunities it offers. We are already scaling sophisticated, protective software necessary to ensure the futility of future cyber-attacks as well as consulting with legal counsel to explore what civil and criminal remedies may be available to us.

We will not spare any effort or expense to protect the iWantClips.com website.


Jay Phillips
Vice President

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