iWantClips’ Top 10 Clips of 2019

iwantclips best of 2019 top 10 femdom video clips

2019 was an incredible year that left many submissives trembling, due to the immensely beautiful, powerful and creative clips our FemDom Artist community has created. Indulge, reminisce, and get in touch with your submissive side more than ever with our top selling clips from 2019!

#10 Enslavement Mindfuck

by Goddess Emily

enslavement mindfuck by goddess Emily erotic hypnosis clipWARNING: highly addictive! Reach the most blissful depths of submission with this psycho-sexual masterpiece of a session! Feel me drag you DEEP into your subconscious, loading up your mind with dopamine, leaving you completely ADDICTED to this sensation of euphoric mind-washing! See if you can resist my jerk off instructions while I have you under my spell…


#9 – 4th of July Homewrecking

by Kendra Kennedy

Kendra Kennedy 4th of July home wrecking fetish video clip

Wearing nothing but a sexy red white and blue push up bikini I walk up to you and start to chat. Just when we start flirting your boring old wife comes over and says it’s time to leave. I persuade you both to stay for just a bit longer and before you know I have your wife fetching us drinks while we talk. It’s not long before your wife is furious and insists you leave with her now. But I have other plans for you and leaving is not one of them. 😉


#8 – Do This

by Natashas Bedroom

#8 top selling clip of 2019 - do this by Natashas bedroom

As my slave, there are different ways I call upon you to serve. Sometimes it’s challenging, and sometimes it’s very, very easy. Like today. This task plunge will you right into the pure bliss of sub space, honing your obedience skills, and deepening your ever growing devotion. But that’s not really the point. The most important thing is that your obedience in this task will give me genuine pleasure.


#7 – Stroke It All Away

by Goddess Christina

#7 top selling clip of 2019 - stroke it all away by goddess christina

Has it been a long day slave? Do you need to unwind? Goddess has exactly what you need. It’s time to worship and let all your cares float away. I take up residence in your mind. In this exact moment fix all the broken pieces. Worries, cares, emotions – gone. All you need is right here – right now. Worship.


#6 – Eruption 

by Madam Violet

#6 top selling clip eruption by madam violet

Probably My most powerful mesmerising and orgasmic MP4 to date. An expert intensive blend of layered voice tracks and visual effects, clinical techniques and of course My entrancing beauty, shiny red lips and red nails. Nearly 40 minutes of COMPLETE mental and sexual domination culminating in an EXPLOSIVE build up leading to an unstoppable ERUPTION of BLISS.


#5 – The Experiment: Brainwash Mesmerize 

by Annabel Fatale

the experiment by annabel fatale

Concentrate on my soft tones as an equaliser moves around the screen creating a visual of my voice, follow it into a special mental arena where I begin to reprogram you in a way that will bring domination into your daily existence in a way that is so subtle that those around you won’t notice, but so powerful it will drive you wild with submissive desire.


#4 – Porn Destroyed You (& You Love It)

by Princess Miki

#4 Top selling clips of 2019 - porn destroyed your life and you love it by princess miki

Sure, you hate yourself. But as soon as those feelings of self hatred infiltrate your mind, you have the ability to wipe those thoughts clean when you turn on your favorite porn and jerk. You don’t have to think when you’re stroking; when you’re gooning; when you’re edging. In fact, the more you goon, the dumber you get, and it makes your life more bearable.


#3 – Programmed To Serve

by GoddessPoison

#3 top selling clip of 2019 - Programmed to serve by Goddess Poison

A Mesmerize clip unlike any other, you will be reprogrammed down to your core. Watch how easy I take over your brain and access the coding inside your perverted mind. Fall hard while I initiate total Power exchange. My Poisoned boy, watch my big juicy red lips, stare deep inside my perfectly blue eyes and jerk hard while I rewire your brain.


#2 – I Love DGJ

by Goddess Jessica

#1 clip of 2019 - I Love DGJ by Goddess Jessica

My gentle words sink you down into a semi-coherent ****. You sink like a rock. The only parts of you that can move are the parts I command to move. Like a puppet on strings you jerk your cock, you nod your head. I jerk the string and the body part moves. How I say. When I say. Whatever I want, you do it.


And the #1 top selling clip of 2019 goes to….

#1 – Trained Triggered Anchored. OWNED. 

by Madam Violet

#2 top selling clips of 2019 - Trained Triggered Anchored OWNED by Madam Violet

 It’s incredibly important you are able to go DEEP down for Me even when your eyes are open. Hypnosis is a skill, a creative talent that one can hone and perfect. Together we will ensure that you are a good boy, an obedient trance slut, an eager Madam Violet zombie puppet that SLIDES down whenever select words DRIP from My RED lips.


Be a good boy and congratulate these hot, powerful Dommes with your submission.

And, get ready…

2020 is the year you will become even more submissive than ever before!

*Please note that this list was determined using an algorithm that took into account the number of sales the clip received as well as the income total the clip received.

  1. You Goddesses were absolutely amazing! Thanks for showing us how dominating the minds of these simple slaves work! Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to dominating on these massive levels! Bluecheetah 360°

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