IWC Announces Winners of Annual Holiday Clip Contest


Los Angeles, CA — January 2020 is upon us, and the results are in for IWC’s highly anticipated Holiday Clip Contest. Two winners of $500 each have been chosen based off of Most Creative Holiday Themed Clip and Top Selling Holiday Themed Clip. The Most Creative Clip is defined as being extraordinarily creative within a Holiday-themed clip, meanwhile the Top Selling Clip is defined as having the highest number of sales between November 25, 2019 – January 1, 2020.

The first $500 winner for Most Creative Clip is Goddess Saffron, with her clip titled Evil Snow Queen! Get ready to be corrupted and consumed by the intoxicating Snow Queen. Goddess Saffron describes herself as “the Seductress of Winter, the Angel of Deep Freeze, and the Siren of Winds.” Get ready to be chilled to the bone by this captivating Domme.


The second $500 winner for Top Selling Clip is A Poisoned Christmas Mesmerize! by GoddessPoison! No stranger to being on top, this is not the first time Goddess Poison has been named number one for top selling clip. During IWC’s Halloween Contest, Poison reigned supreme by dominating themed sales for the month of October with her snake clip, Trussst in mee! Mesmerizing SNAKE! Back in the Winners seat for this contest, Goddess Poison has proven that she has what it takes to succeed.


IWC thanks everyone who participated in this contest, and sends a huge congratulations to the winners!

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