#IWCWorldWide Summer Contest!


How to Participate

  1. Take a photo(s) in your IWC tank top during your summer travels.
  2. Post it on Twitter with #IWCWorldWide and tag us @iwantclips 
  3. We will promote ALL participating models and their photos with links to your store & Twitter!
  4. $10K in CASH prizes awarded at the end of summer!

Rules & Guidelines

Post your picture on Twitter wearing your iWantClips branded tank top with the #IWCWorldWide hashtag, tag us @iwantclips, and include the location of your photo. For safety reasons, please post your photo after you have left the location. All models are encouraged to participate and all photos will be used for iWantClips publicity, so don’t miss out! All photos will be posted with your name, IWC store link, and twitter handle across social media, our blog, industry blogs we have partnered with, and more! Models can enter as many photos as they’d like as long as the locations differ from each photo. The more photos you can submit, the more we can promote you!

Please note that models can enter as many times as they’d like, but can only win in one category. To be a qualified participant in this contest, models must have been one of the first 1,000 respondents to our promotional clothing survey. Any models that have reached the Top 50 List within the past 6 months are automatically qualified to participate in this contest. All 10 winners will be chosen in a vote by 20 of IWC’s most loyal customers along with 10 IWC staff members. Winners will be announced by September 20th, 2017. All winners can expect to receive their prizes by no later than September 30th, 2017.

  1. If I was involved in the Contest Categories I would suggested an appeal to those in the FD interest by having best Money Holding Picture.

    1. Hi Caroline,

      We sent a Promotional Clothing Survey to all models on iWantClips.com and the first 1,000 models that responded will be receiving a tank top. Did you receive the email with the survey link when it went out? Please email me at cece@iwantclips.com 🙂

    1. Hi Blonde Kitty,

      We’ve confirmed that the email including the link was emailed to your store email address. Have you checked the Spam/Junk folder? Please email me at cece@iwantclips.com so we can resolve this issue 🙂

  2. Hey guys. Did u realize you can’t location tag on Twitter after you’ve left a location? It makes you turn on GPS so… might be difficult to leave the location and then tweet from it since twitter knows you aren’t there anymore. With that – please give us all a fair shot! 😊

    1. Hi Carla,

      Oh no! Thanks for the tip! If you can’t tag the location, let’s try tweeting the location rather than tagging. We just want to ensure all models are safe and protected throughout their travels 😉 Thanks for the comment!!

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