Join IWC with This Weeks Tuesday 10 Featuring Mxtress Luna

Welcome to Tuesday 10 by IWC, where we ask Artists 10 questions about things that they love or live by. This week, we are talking to Artist Mxtress Luna, a professionally experienced switch and fetish model who specializes in gentle humiliation, chastity, and feminization.  Given Mxtress Luna‘s beautifully alternative style and background, we thought it might be fun to find out who and what inspires them in the Clip community. Keep reading to find out which Artists they look up to:


King Midas & Salem Chanel

Twitter: @K1ngDaddyXXX and @yourtransbf

These two come as a set. They’re relationship goals. It’s amazing to see two transmasc beauties so consistently come out with such beautiful content. It’s a little annoying that they’re both so gorgeous as well as being talented and authentic. They’ve not had an easy time recently but they’ve kept on trucking with grace and charm. 


Ellie Boulder

Twitter: @ellie_boulder

Every time I interact with Ellie I’m struck not only by her incredibly powerful work ethic and business brain, but by her absolute insistence that she’s dragging everyone else up with her. She’s always first to offer advice and support despite being busy being a full time badass porn queen. 


Goddess Althea

Twitter: @goddess_althea

Althea is the first domme I ever tipped. They represent everything I love about domination – they’re nurturing, caring and will absolutely fuck you up. They have such a wealth of knowledge about this industry and 100% live the scene. They recently announced they’re expecting twins also so I’m more than psyched to see all the pregnancy content they’re gonna be coming out with. 


Kami & Peach

Twitter: @Afrocentripetal and @SuppleSweet

Another matched set ‘cause you can’t take them apart! These two spend so much time offering love, support and generally being pillars of the community I think some people forget that they’re also incredible performers in their own right. 


Kym Hymnal

Twitter: @childofgraces

I have a soft spot for Kym ever since they designed my latest tattoo. They consistently put out content that is not only deeply sexual but everything they do has this spiritual, divine energy that makes them utterly magnetic. 


Ms Hyde

Twitter: @MistressJLHyde

Ms Hyde is the Dom I want to Dom like. She’s consistently outspoken about this fucked up world and makes sure that everyone in her House is working to fight injustice. She has a subtle power to her that makes me swoon every time I see her on the timeline. 



Twitter: @fawkyuuh

Kas has the most wonderful, casual way of being hot as fuck. She is so at home in front of the camera you can tell they totally enjoy making content which makes it so fun to watch what they release.


Mxtress Luna

Twitter: @MxtressLuna 

I’m including myself on this list because I’ve done this entire thing on my own. Start to finish, this is a Mxtress Luna production, and I’m proud of my work and I appreciate and look up to me. I’ve never let me down. I’ve always done the work. I’m also a hella narcissist.


Keep kicking a**, Mxtress! We’re here for it.

For more of Mxtress Luna‘s content, click here.

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