June Snapchat Takeovers!!

June 5 – Hotjulsfetishes (Twitter: @HotJuls1, Store: Hotjulsfetishes)

June 6 – Goddess Indira (Twitter: @GoddessIndira, Store: GoddessIndira)

June 7 – Queen Anna 420 (Twitter: @QueenAnna420, Store: Queenanna420)

June 9 – Haven the Great (Twitter: @Haven_TheGreat, Store: Goddess Haven)

June12 – Goddess Kristie (Twitter: @GoddessKristie, Store: Goddess Kristie)

June 14 – Goddess Lacey (Twitter: @MyGoddessLacey, Store: Supreme Goddess Lacey)

June 16 – Christy Berrie (Twitter: @christyberrie, Store: christyberrieclips)

June 19 – GoddessNae (Twitter: @goddessnaenae , Store: MistressNae)

June 21- Lindsey Leigh (Twitter: @mylindseyleigh, Store: Lindsey Leigh)

June 23 – Emily Astrom (Store: MissEmilyAstrom)

June 24 – HarlowsHaven (Store: HarlowsHaven)

June 26 – Goddess Marley (Twitter: @GoddessMarleyxo, Store: GoddessMarley)

June 27 – Goddess Ryan (Twitter: @Ryanxoxo20, Store: Goddess Ryan)

June 28  – Goddess Airen (Twitter: @GoddessAiren, Store: Goddess Airen)

June 30 – Goddess Vera (Twitter: @YourGoddessVera, Store: Goddess Vera)


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