One Giant Step for Fetish Kind: Inside the World of Macrophilia


Sexual attraction comes in all shapes and sizes–literally. Tall, short, chubby, skinny; you name it, and there are people out there who get a rise out of it. And in some cases, the real thrill comes from size differences: major ones. In fact, there is a group (composed mainly of heterosexual males) whose biggest sexual fantasy revolves around female giantesses. A term that translates to “lover of large,” macrophilia is the term reserved for those who get off on those who are bigger than them–not in the same way as the fat admiration community, but instead those who are drawn to women who tower over them in height.

Macrophiles can be any gender or sexual orientation, the vast majority seem to be composed of heterosexual males attracted to female giantesses. So ingrained is the fetish in many of these men that they can trace their earliest desires and awakenings to childhood stories and games. Gulliver’s Travels, stories, even cartoons like Tom and Jerry where the oversized cat is chasing and catching the much smaller mouse have been cited as tingling and stirring emotions in people who would later come to realize that they really wanted to be that tiny little rodent, swooped up and carried off to an alternate reality where a beautiful giant woman could simply have her way with them.

Like most fetishes, it may be a case of “if you don’t have it, you simply don’t get it.” Decoding the visual itself isn’t difficult. Of course, that doesn’t make it any easier to understand the attraction itself for those who don’t experience it for themselves.

But that doesn’t mean there’s a single thing wrong with wanting to be taken, Godzilla-style, by a giant, aggressive woman who simply comes to town and crushes everything in her path.  The giantess fetish really comes down to associating sexuality with the vast distinctions of power and vulnerability. In other words, macrophilia is very much another way in which femdom (female domination) dresses itself up and struts its stuff.

Macrophilia Finds a Home Online

Defining it is one thing, but what does macrophilia actually look like in practice? After all, it’s not like you can find 100 foot tall women just strolling through town, or rising out of the ocean, radioactive lizard-style. There’s really one place to get a glimpse of it in action: the Internet. However, if Hollywood and the World Wide Web has taught us anything, it’s that absolutely anything is possible through some creative film making and a heaping helping of ingenuity; including bringing some larger than life fantasies to life.

There are hundreds (possibly even thousands) of videos dedicated to macrophilia available online, often utilizing props and camera manipulation. Size fetish models often stand at a reasonably average 5’8, though there are some stand outs, including big names like “Amazon Eve,” who recently starred in the hit FX television show American Horror Story.

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