Psychological Seductress Sorceress Bebe In This Week’s Artist Zone

Welcome to The Artist Zone! This is a feature where we ask IWC Artists various questions to quench your curiosity. Every Artist, whether a fetish model, pornstar, cam model, or independent content producer, has a unique view to share with their fans and fellow Artists.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Sorceress Bebe. Join us on a journey and fall under the spell of this psychological seductress, from performance roots and a pre-dispositioned penchant for domination to clip creation. Prepare to be spellbound as we learn, how did you get started in the clip industry?


SB: I had been domming for a couple years doing online financial domination and also working as a professional dominatrix. Like most dommes, I use social media as an avenue to market myself and connect with subs as well as other dommes. A few years ago I noticed many of the dommes I followed were doing clips so I figured I should give it a try. It seemed like a great creative outlet and an opportunity to turn my love of domination into art. I love being in front of the camera and spent many years as a child doing acting in commercials and television and was excited to get back to my roots. 

When I first started filming, I instantly loved it. I found it easy to think of clip ideas and just roll with them. Since I was already an experienced domme, I would just imagine the camera as one of my subs and speak to it as if they were in front of me. I loved picking outfits and thinking of cool themes and diving into the different fetishes. It all just seemed so natural and reignited my passion for the arts. I don’t necessarily feel like I’m acting, because I do live the findom and femdom lifestyle 24/7 but I do feel that making the clips definitely brings out my acting and creative talents, especially when doing custom clips. Breaking into the clip industry definitely broadened my horizon and expanded my career in domination. It has allowed me to connect with a new audience and also generate a passive income while doing something I love. 

My clips primarily revolve around my favorite fetish, financial domination, however I do love to create a variety of clips involving many fetishes. I love to also incorporate femdom clips and I have lately been filming more clips featuring submissives. It has been so exciting for me to blend all aspects of my femdom lifestyle and let my authentic personality shine through. I have also found that I absolutely love doing custom clips because they allow me to use my acting skills and also help me learn a lot about my audience. I have tons of fun taking the custom clip ideas and putting my own style into them. The awesome thing about making clips is that you can really just film about whatever you want, whenever you want wherever you want and put it up on the internet and someone will fall in love with it. 

I have found that I have been so inspired by other women in the industry and have been so flattered when other women tell me that they are inspired by me. I love the clip industry for so many reasons, but the main reason is that it is so empowering for women. It has definitely been a huge confidence booster for me and given me a lot to look forward to in my career and my ability to create my own magic through my content. 

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