Queen Morningstar Casts a Spell On You

Welcome to this week’s Artist Spotlight, bringing the community together by delving into our Artists’ most inspiring ideas and practices, as well as a few of their favorite things. This week we welcome your favorite Witch Bitch, Queen Morningstar. Proprietress of The Sissy Dressing Parlour, transforming you into the sissy of your dreams and dressing you in the confidence to live out your wildest sissy fantasies.  Let’s get right into it… 

What are some of your favorite aspects of being a Domme?

QM: I love the freedom. Not just freedom of time but freedom of creativity. I also love the fact that domination has allowed me to carve out my very own Queendom whereby I make all the rules. That’s pretty great and empowering AF.

I also like the fact that domination quenches my ambitious thirst. With domination you can turn your fempire into anything you desire, quite literally. 


How would you describe your style as a clip producer and Domme?

QM: My style as a clip artist is basically me getting high off of my sexual power and persuasion, regardless of the genre. I use my natural gifts to every advantage and like nothing more than knowing a fan is falling under my spell of seduction, addiction and sin whilst watching my clips.    


What is the most memorable or noteworthy moment of being a Domme?

QM: There have been many. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met many great people, attend fabulous events, been in many magazines and made money. But, my noteworthy event hasn’t happened as yet. I aspire to visit the USA and be nominated for one of the big fetish awards. When this happens, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. Hopefully it will happen soon or I’ll continue working towards making it happen when I’m an old gal.  


What are your favorite categories (fetish, JOI, roleplay, humiliation, etc) to perform in and why? 

QM: All things weird and wonderful. Although, I think I’m best known for my mind-fuck and coerced aroma clips. There’s nothing like getting inside of a weak mind with lowered inhibitions and plucking at any string I desire.


Please describe your ideal sub and what this person could do to impress you.

QM: There are many attributes I enjoy in a sub but my ideal sub would give over his mind, body, soul and all possession he owns. To be at my total mercy and command without question. That pretty hot. The possibilities are endless with such a being which makes for great mischief and fun.


Would you consider your work as a Domme to be your lifestyle, or do you enjoy a balance/separation between being a Domme and your personal life?

QM: Domination for me is great because I get money simply from existing in my natural state, it’s definitely a lifestyle for me. Although, lifestyle or not, I’m only engaged when there’s cold hard cash being laid in my pretty little hands. I’m not interested in any of those cheap ass subs who say they’re looking for a lifestyle domme in a hope of gaining domination for free. Honestly, being my lifestyle sub doesn’t come at a cheaper tribute. The stakes are much higher and the responsibilities. 


Please describe what being in the moment as a Domme feels like to you… Is it a rush? Exciting? Expected? Anything in between?

QM: Being in the moment, for me is a total rush and high. I fully feed off of the atmosphere and energy created between myself and another. I guess I’m a kinda power exchange addict as I crave to feed of the described rush.

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If you had a theme song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?

QM: Rihanna – “Bitch Better Have my Money”. I love that song and it makes me feel ready to hustle every time I listen to it. The video’s great too. Particularly the bit where Rihanna has a girl bound and suspended by her ankles. It’s a total domme song. 


Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?

QM: Are we considering Cardi B as an actress now after her small part in Hustlers? If so, Cardi, she’s basically my spirit animal. She’s unapologetically herself and I love that about her. 


Are there any major celebrities that you have a crush on?

QM: Elon Musk. I don’t actually have a crush on him but if the chance arose I’d 100% date him. Mainly for his money but also because he has the face of a submissive. I feel like a dominant woman like me could really take advantage of him. Then before he knows it, he’s poor and I’m the face and sole owner of all his assets aha. 


What’s one food you can’t stand to eat?

QM: Pork. It’s gross, unhealthy and super mean to the piggies.


What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

QM: I have a love for gas masks. I guess that’s pretty absurd to most. 


What is the last book you read?

QM: Mind Play: The Ultimate Guide. It’s a book on erotic hypnosis and mental domination. 


If you were to win the Power Ball tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’d do with your money?

QM: I’d basically turn myself into a bimbo doll by buying a new bubble butt and bigger boobs. After healing, I’d go to Vegas to flaunt my new figure and spunk the rest of my winnings partying. 

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What is something about you that would surprise your audience?

QM: I say that I’m a Pagan Domme and many think this is just roleplay – it’s not. I am genuinely a little witch bitch who casts spells and does tarot cards. So next time you hear me singing “I put a spell on you”, maybe I actually did. 


What was the last job you held before joining iWantEmpire?

QM: I studied and graduated in both nursing and law before becoming a dominatrix. I’ve always had a hunger for power and dominance but behind a desk wasn’t for me, I’m way too creative for the corporate world. 


How did you get started on iWantClips?

QM: I was both a cam and RL domme before starting to produce fetish content. Although, what I can say is that I absolutely love filming and publishing clips. It’s something that gives me financial and creative freedom. I’m free to film whatever I like when I like but the best part about it is the ability to make money whilst I’m either not working or sleeping – that’s pretty sweet.


What are bad recommendations you hear given to people just starting out in the industry?

Do a verification video. I mean, I’m not even sure of the actual point of this nonsense. In actual fact, I think the subs are conning the baby dommes out of free content by dangling the carrot of cash. I’d personally say, never film anything for free, make bank whilst verifying yourself – create a clip store and let that do the talking. 



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