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Welcome to this week’s Artist Spotlight, bringing the community together by delving into our Artists’ most inspiring ideas and practices, as well as a few of their favorite things. This week we are joined by Governess Kooky. First, a few words from the Governess…
Don’t let my kind heart or sweet devil’s smile fool you… ’cause like all things it is not what it seems…with that pretty smile on my face I can put you in so much debt you could not even imagine. The best part is I wouldn’t care at all … the beauty of having the power is that you can get to play with your subjects however you please and desire. They are and will always be disposable toys.
What are some of your favorite aspects of being an Artist?
GK: The spotlight, as I love to call it! I always loved being the center of attention. At a very young age I started to catwalk, until I was around eighteen. Then changed to modeling, after awhile I discovered camming and knew that was my place. Besides the spotlight, I love putting my vision into video… and the boys make this an even more amazing experience. And last but not least, Power. I love how my power grows clip after clip after clip 🙂
How would you describe your style as a clip producer and Artist?
GK: My style, I would definitely be a sensual brat domme.
What is the most memorable or noteworthy moment of being a Artist?
GK: Most memorable so far because I have just 5 months or less as being an artist, is this spotlight on IWC 🤗🤗🤗🤗
What are your favorite categories (fetish, JOI, roleplay, humiliation, etc) to perform in and why? 
GK: My fav categories, ohh where do i start :)) Homewrecker. JOI. Humiliation, Goddess Worship, Female Supremacy, Intox, Ripoff , Blackmail, Legs Fetish, Feet Fetish… I could go on because I love many of them . Why? This is simple. Because I feel 100% myself … they represent me the best as a persona, the real me.
Please describe your ideal sub and what this person could do to impress you.
GK: Let’s start with how they could impress me… Well he should have spent at least 10k on my clips only. Ideal would be him sending me my money whenever I ask, no questions asked and he disappears and comes back only when I need more of his credit card…. nothing impresses me that easily nowadays… Make a 1 million tip maybe :)))
Would you consider your work as an Artist to be your lifestyle, or do you enjoy a balance/separation between being an Artist and your personal life?
GK: My work as an artist is a lifestyle. I am who I am. I always wanted things my way or nothing else. I think from the second I was born. I was spoiled, yes… my dad is my best friend so I am naturally dominant and I will admit, bratty. People always tell me, but not in a nice way. I see them bothered, but I  never cared. For example, I absolutely despise asking people to do stuff for me. If you are around me you need to know what I want or need without me actually asking for it… So yes, it is a lifestyle.
If you had a theme song that played every time you entered a room, what would it be?
GK: Cardi B – “Money”.
Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?
GK:  Johnny Depp. Besides his looks, loved him even more in Pirate’s of the Caribbean. 
Are there any major celebrities that you have a crush on?
GK: Johnny Depp, of course.
What’s one food you can’t stand to eat?
GK: I can’t stand seafood and fish. No, nothing, never :)))
What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?
GK: Stupid habit, I care too much and give too much of myself to strangers. I am one old soul. It is a habit, I try to control myself but when someone needs me, I jump right in. I love this about myself and will never change.
What is the last book you read?
GK: Last book, Start With Why by Simon Sinek.
If you were to win the Power Ball tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’d do with your money?
GK: If I won the power ball … For two months I would be off the radar, just to realize what the heck happened to me, then start organizing the money. I would choose at least 100 families to help for the next two or three years. I would build up the businesses I already have planned, and with the rest I would go somewhere quiet ..:)
What is something about you that would surprise your audience?
GK: Despite the fact that I am a bratty domme and very greedy, I am a very very happy person. I always make jokes and see the best in the absolute worst. I would smile 24/7 if I could. Dancing is my other passion… I am one hot combo :))
What was the last job you held before joining iWantEmpire?
GK: My last job..for the last I think 3 years was and still is a big part of my life, as I love it. Online streaming model (camming how most like to call it ) for just the last 3 years because that is about around the time I quit my modeling career and I did it so I could concentrate 100% at what I loved in that moment (and the years in the modeling industry drained me any ways).
How did you get started on iWantClips?
GK: Well i was supposed to start on IWC I think 3 years ago around the same time i become a full time cam model…(not just doing 3 times a week).
But back then I used to care more about what would people think or say or worry they might not like me because I am not a professional etc …I was writing my ideas on paper and they were stuck there and to be part of this community became my wish. At one point I was sure I would never have the courage to produce what I wanted to create..I tried with 10 vids I think back then …but this summer I decided overnight that I will do what I love, that I might be different but I will go after my dreams..
So I announced to my online friends that I would be missing some months…and for 3 months I worked for 12 hours a day to learn editing ..logos…read about cameras lights etc etc. And I think finally in mid September I launched my 1 video and started crying at my first sale, believe it or not ..I was happy I was actually doing the second biggest dream of my life. I am still at the beginning with much much much more to learn…I don’t chase clouds but I am happy I passed my fears and that after 3 years I am finally where I knew my place was all along.
What are bad recommendations you hear given to people just starting out in the industry?
GK: I will be honest, although I have been in the industry for some time I didn’t have many friends from this industry…money doesn’t keep nice people to be around a lot .. But mostly I hear it’s easy money…you basically have to do nothing for the money etc etc…that is wrong. Nothing is easy in this industry. Yes it is easy if you are happy with 50 dollars a day. But if you are happy with $50 a day, well a regular job can bring you that too 🙂 …
Or to be mean to other girls in the industry because they are “so and so” …untrue. Don’t start a career by throwing stones at the ones that built the path for us all… To make this very simple don’t do what people tell you is the right or correct way to make money…. To make money be you. Admire the people with success, absorb from them, learn, don’t copy, be you. If you ask me, everything is bad recommendations because someone else told me how to act or not to act.
What advice would you give to a new artist starting out in the industry?
GK: Well if you truly love this, cause yes there are many that love it truly,…it will be hard. Ohh it will be hella hard but I have this saying, “everything I love is worth fighting for “. If you enter in this industry with just “money, money” in your head…well you better hold onto something cause it will be one hell of a ride. The power and money you see others have and crave for, they built their empires with years of work and dedication…so you might not truly like being part of this industry, but at least put some effort and work into it. Be original, try having fun. For example, I see most of men as disposable toys …one is good for that, one for that, and they always have a replacement:)

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