The Art of Ruined Orgasms

A seemingly ironic and self-contradicting kink, ruined orgasms are a fetish that revolves around enjoying not-enjoying an orgasm. Usually, the actual enjoyment for the submissive in this type of activity comes from the control being exerted over them by their dominant–It’s handing over the ultimate power and complete control over their most intense pleasure.

There are several ways that a dominant can make a ruined orgasm fantasy come true for their submissive. In addition to those that enjoy frequently being denied the right to enjoy being brought to fulfillment, there are those who can be denied one orgasm, and then have the threat of future ruined orgasms used as leverage by their master or mistress. Unsurprisingly, it can be a powerful motivator (and quite the turn on) for the right slave. Additionally, the idea of a ruined orgasm can be so arousing that some subs actually come much harder when they believe that they are about to be denied at the last minute.

The most common way of completely ruining an orgasm is having the submissive reach the point of no return and immediately withdrawing all stimulation. Leaving him with nothing but air, the orgasm is almost painfully unsatisfactory. But knowing exactly when to stop can be trickier than it sounds. Test your sub by having them tell you when they’re getting close–and keep them honest by stopping abruptly occasionally when they tell you they’re almost there. It may take a few tries to see how many more strokes he can take from the point when he announces that he’s getting close, but eventually a top should be able to narrow down exactly how to ruin their submissive’s orgasm successfully.

Of course, the hands off method is not the only approach for ruining an orgasm. In the same way that there are different tools and methods for “punishing” wayward subs and misbehaving slaves, there are a variety of ways to ruin an orgasm. Depending on a submissive’s preferences, some may enjoy a particular method more than others.

It may seem as though the slave is giving up great pleasure in order to solely please their master, but the truth is they are secretly enjoying the act themselves, as well.

The most common variant to a ruined orgasm is to restrict the flow of semen. Commonly this is done by squeezing the penis either at the very base or just under the head just as the submissive reaches the moment of orgasm. When done tightly enough, little to no semen will emerge. Another approach, often referred to as thumbing the orgasm, is to place a thumb over the tip of the submissive’s penis, as if to stem the flow of water from a garden hose. The discomfort of backed up semen makes the orgasm much less enjoyable for the slave, as well.

Physical pain can be added to the act of a ruined orgasm, as well. For those submissives who enjoy pain with their pleasure, CBT (or cock and ball torture) can be added to increase the intensity of the orgasm being robbed from them. One of the most common methods for mixing pain with pleasure in this type of scenario is flicking the head of the penis or slapping at the testicles during orgasm.

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