The Intriguing World of Male Chastity

Say chastity belt and most people conjure up images of corseted virgin princesses, locked away in castle towers and dutifully awaiting the arrival of their key-wielding Prince Charming. But here’s a news flash for you: chastity belts are no longer the domain of Victorian fantasy. They aren’t even favored by women any more. In fact, there is an entire thriving online chastity industry–and it services a growing male clientele that utilizes the devices for a very particular sort of sexual gratification. Welcome to the intriguing and unique world of male chastity.

Simply put, today’s chastity devices are designed to physically block the possibility of masturbation and intercourse–serving as a way of controlling the wearer’s sexual behavior and activity. A tool utilized to draw out an exceedingly slow form of foreplay, male chastity is, at its core, an element of power play. And while the cages themselves all vary in construction, design, and technicalities, the primary function remains the same: orgasm denial. Complex and multi-faceted, orgasm denial is an intense and highly erotic element of BDSM in which a submissive gives up control of their sexual release to a dominant–in the case of male chastity, most often a female dominatrix or madam, though occasionally another man.

Unlike some other fantasies, which begin and end during BDSM scenes, orgasm denial and chastity can often become all-consuming ideas for the cage-wearer in a power play scenario. The ensuing frustration and anticipation only serve to heighten and excite the wearer more. The key-holder (literally the dominant partner who holds the key to the chastity device) maintains both physical and psychological control over their submissive, adding to the control element.

In addition to the aspect of submission, there is another appeal to chastity for these men: ritual humiliation. Whichever form of cage chosen then doubles as a form of perpetual degradation.  There is a distinct psychological thrill and release that comes with turning yourself and your sexual gratification over to someone else.

Among the chastity community (both submissives and key holders) there is some debate over what constitutes an appropriate amount of time spent in chastity. There are chastity purists who only count time spent confined to the cage, while others consider all time between orgasms, including any time released for hygiene or teasing reasons. Still others have come up with a hybrid way of counting, including ruined orgasms and teasing in their time spent in chastity. The truth is that there are no official hard and fast rules. Online forums and experienced dommes will discuss their personal ideas, but in the end it comes down to the arrangements made between the sub and their keyholders. Some are kept locked up for 24 or 48 hour periods, others are let out whenever their husbands or wives want, and still others are kept locked up for extraordinarily long periods of time.

  1. Very nice summary of this very niche activity! You’re quite right in that the reasons and methods behind chastity can vary wildly from one practitioner to the next!

  2. Everyone should be able to live their life anyway they please and I am all for a Dominant Ordering how her Slave or Submissive lives.

    However, just my own opinion and I suppose those who claim to promote the so called “Chastity” interest may be vehemently at odds with my opinion on this subject. To me, a person who lives a True Chastitylife would never be involved in any kind of Sexual interest. That would include going on an Adult Website and contacting a Woman who instructs a man to put on a cage on his Penis. A True Chastity living man would not even be communicating with a Woman in any kind of sexual interest. From my own life experiences the so called Chastity Slaves are sexually obsessed. Thus a contradiction to a life of True Chastity. Agreed though within the Adult Entertainment Industry you cannot find much of any reality.

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