Tuesday Ten with Lady Quinn

Welcome to another installment of Tuesday 10, where we launch rapid fire questions about a few of our Artists’ favorite things. If you’re a gentleman who knows how to respect and worship a woman, you’ve come to the right place. This week we are getting you acquainted with the ever charismatic Mistress Lady Quinn.
A few words of welcome from the Mistress herself:
LQ: I describe myself as a young and well educated Mistress who will show you how to fall in love with My art; the feeling of freedom combined with sub-space in a dream atmosphere. An enigma in words, a desire of body, a contradiction of brain, a picture that you cannot obtain as your wife… a wind that sometimes connects your body, a burning flame that cannot be extinguished, an unexplained power, heat, storm, sun… everything you thought could never be contained in one body, one being… everything you thought it could be, everything you read and do not feel, everything you dreamed but did not have. Influential with a welcoming charisma. Intense and harmonious, like the sound of a powerful symphony. A light tranquil tone that’s pleasant and relaxed. Deliberate and strong with unwavering focus… I am Mistress Lady Quinn.


Current musical obsession

LQ: LemonGrass -Beautiful and free

Favorite holiday

LQ: First place is definitely Greece. The second being Ireland, the country I love wholeheartedly.

If you had a theme song that played every time you walked into a room, what would it be?

LQ: I would listen on repeat, all day long, “Nu-MAN O TO (original mix)”. Nothing else would be of any importance during this time.

Favorite quote/lyric/line from a movie?

LQ: “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You have a dream, you have to protect it. People who are not able to do something on their own will tell you that you are not capable either. You want something, you get it. Point. Did you understand me?” –  The Pursuit of Happyness


Song you change every time it comes on

LQ: Justin Bieber has never been on my favorites list with any of his songs, but “Baby” I really can’t listen to.

Favorite word vs least favorite word

LQ: Favorite word is “send” and least favorite word is of course, “broken”.

You’re stranded on a desert island, what are the ideal three items you have with you to make it an enjoyable experience?

LQ: The first thing I would take with me would be one of my best slaves, who will have to take with him three things: a knife, a magnifying glass and water. At number two would be my boyfriend, who will take with him three things: a backpack with provisions of food, tobacco and soap; and third would be my cat.

Biggest inspiration:

LQ: Many things can inspire me, but people inspire me the most. The people for whom I meet in unexpected situations every day and from which I always read something. The friends I choose just because they inspire me, the people on the street who come out of the crowd, the people in the photos that don’t just show me that they are beautiful … but also that they can inspire me, that they could be models for me. And I really like traveling. Because I see new people, with positive habits that are foreign to me, that match their colors differently, that smile and get angry differently than I do. Yes, I think this is the biggest source of inspiration, which makes my life more beautiful: to watch people knowing and playing their own role.

First thing you grab for in the morning

LQ: Definitely the water.

What do you think people notice most about you?

LQ: Actually, I can’t really think what another person is thinking unless I am a good hypnotherapist myself. What others see in me as a person is nothing but their own reflection of thoughts. If they look only on the physical attributes, it means they have more animal instincts. If they look at overall body language, it means they have a good understanding of human non-verbal signals; and if they look beyond the two, understand that they are in the top 15% of people on this planet. So rather than thinking about what other people notice about me, emphasis must be given more to how I think about myself. If I am happy with myself, the aura around me will be so good that others will automatically be attracted towards me, even if I am a stranger. So to answer the question, from a physical point of view- they first notice the big, green eyes and the fact that I am pretty skinny, (49 kg, at a height of 169 cm), which makes them ask me if I eat more than once in a few days. While I am the person who most of the time eats a lot. From the point of view of attitude, I seem to be a shy and withdrawn person, but with absolute confidence in myself.


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