Tuesday Ten With Mistress Sahara Noir

Welcome to Tuesday 10 by IWC, where we ask Artists ten questions about a few of their favorite things. This week we are diving in with Mistress Sahara Noire. Let’s get into it!


Favorite Book?

MS: The Powerfully Confident Woman by Craig Beck, How To Heal Your Life – Louise Hay. There’s too many, BUT Craig Beck books by far are my favourite.


Movie you can quote all the lines to

MS:  Pfffttt I forget what day it is let alone remembering lines, I’m so busy I don’t get time to watch many movies unfortunately.


Favourite holiday

MS: Hmmmm I’ve travelled so many places buttttt I loved IBIZA ROCKZ, however I’m off to Jamaica this year and I know that’ll top them ALL.


You’re stranded on a desert island, what are the ideal three items you have with you to make it an enjoyable experience?

MS: My family & hubby, they’re kind of like items, right?

… okok ummm a phone that never runs out of battery, then I can FaceTime or talk to them throughout, a notebook to document my experience & a bottle I can carry water in. Thats my logical thinking kicking in.


What do you hope people notice most about you?

MS: My resting bitch face. It’s been a part of my life since I was about 2yrs old, standing joke in my family, “if looks could kill you’d be the only one on this planet”. I don’t even know I do it.

How to instantly get on your good side?

MS: Be kind, loving & have a good energy. I pick up on energy instantly, so it’s so important I surround myself with positive, loving energies. If not I’m out of there like Forrest Gump.

Your top binge-worthy content (series, podcasts, etc) 

MS:  Had to be Power, I was HOOKED!
Ultimate meal ?
MSI am so so fussy when it comes to food & what I eat or where I eat. I love Caribbean food, can’t pick one.
What do you hope people notice most about you?
MS:  The genuine loving person I am.
Song you change every time it comes on?
MS“Old Town Road” Lil Nas X

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