This Week’s Tuesday Ten With YNOT Nominee LustyBustyLark

Welcome to the Tuesday 10 on the iWantClips blog!

This week, we are talking to fetish BBW model and artist LustyBustyLark! LustyBustyLark is currently a nominee for the BBW Awards in the Humanitarian of The Year category and with her active involvement in the BBW, fetish, and femdom scenes, it’s clear why she received such an important nomination. With over 170 fetish clips in her iWantClips store ranging from tit worship to taboo fantasy, to teacher fetish and joi, plus many more. LustyBustyLark continues to dominate the BBW fetish scene and we are honored to feature her on iWantBlog!

Now let’s learn more about this gorgeous BBW fetish model and artist with our rapid fire Tuesday 10 questions!!


1. What’s the first thing you grab for in the morning?

Cigarettes?  Yes, I am heavily addicted.


2. Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

I find inspiration from so many sex workers in the industry. Honestly, too many to list.

3. What do you think people notice most about you?

My eyes. Everyone always has a different idea about just what colour they are.

4. What do you hope people notice most about you?

That despite my resting bitch face, I am in fact incredibly approachable and willing to help however I can.

5. What is your biggest weakness/fatal flaw?

My perfectionism. There is a lot of content I have done that has never been uploaded anywhere because it just wasn’t how I wanted. 


6. What is your biggest strength?

Curiosity. I am always reading and learning about new things. 

7. What to you is the perfect, most ideal age to be?

Haha not sure there is a perfect age. At 39 I am certainly much older than a lot of my peers but that brings with it life experience and a no-nonsense approach to work and the industry. 

8. High school. Awesome or terrible?

High school was pretty terrible. I spent most of the time, skipping school to play pool or work.

9. Cats or dogs?

Dogs. Have you seen my doggo? Seriously!

10.  Beaches or snow?

Beaches hands down. Snow is awful. Glad I don’t live in a part of Canada that has snow.


Many thanks to BBW fetish artist LustyBustyLark for allowing our readers to learn more about her in this quickie Tuesday 10 interview! Be sure to visit her iWantClips store and buy her fetish video clips. Whether you are into smoking fetish, taboo fantasies, JOI or other fetish, LustyBustyLark features a wide range of fetish video clips for you to worship her and become her biggest fan!


Find more Lusty Busty Lark on iWantClips and Twitter

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