Yes Mistress: The Art of Goddess Worship

Within the realm of BDSM practices, goddess worship is a practice that involves submission of an individual (typically a male sub) made to adore and reverie a female domme. Just like no two subs or BDSM relationships are alike, goddess worship can take on many forms and extend through many different activities. There are professional mistresses who offer goddess worshiping services for those who want to experience it in a detached way, as well as those couples who enjoy it as part of an intimate, ongoing celebration of their personal bond. Here’s a quick look at what it means to properly worship at the altar of a goddess.

Throughout history, worshiping of gods and goddesses has always existed. The BDSM community extended and adapted this age-old practice, stripping it of the religious overtones and converting the idea of admiring and appreciating a great and powerful female figure instead to one of sexual adoration. Mythical women with qualities and virtues above and beyond those of a common female, it’s easy to see why a sub would want to place his or her Mistress up on the same pedestal as the goddesses of old.

A logical extension of the body worship fetish, where appreciation and adoration of certain physical aspects of a Master’s physique is done extensively for sexual gratification, goddess worship typically takes the form of the domme demanding her sub kiss, lick, or otherwise interact with the body parts that she wishes to be admired in that moment. Occasionally, she might not allow her slave to use her hands, insisting that touching is off limits and they find other, more creative, ways to service her.

Goddess Worship and Submissives

Goddess worship is an enjoyable act for both the domme and the sub, as the recipient is on the receiving end of lavish attention and physical interaction, and gets to watch their pet giving everything of themselves in an attempt to please their mistress. The slave, meanwhile, is doing the thing that makes them most happy–pleasing their domme. In a truly balanced scenario, the master will eventually return the favor and please their sub in return, though again, this depends on the situation and scene, and what the needs of the submissive and the arrangement are. Communication is key in any sexual scenario, but even more so in this type of power exchange, where sadistic and masochistic element have a chance to come out and play.

One of the most typical types of worships when it comes to goddesses involves interaction with and admiration of feet. Foot fetishists have long been among the most populated community among the alternative sexual practices movement, and being forced to lick, suck, kiss, and otherwise worship a goddess’ feet is one of the most standard and popular forms of erotic domination that exists today.

  1. Interesting subject. As a FD Practioner a subject those in the FD interest would attract our attention.

    Many Financial Dominants prefer to be equated to as or even considered to be a true Goddess. At least to some degree. Some may reject the term “Goddess” . Some Traditional FD’s may even consider the term “Goddess” to be blasphemous. Especially without having Divine Attributes or Authority to hold the term.
    Also a good for debate of the terms in this article could discuss. For example some long term FD practioners might object to some of the terms used. Such as equating BDSM with FD

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